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Plan your college finances with confidence!

Tuition Breakdown

Undergraduate Tuition

At CSU, you can be confident that you are not only being prepared for a career with your degree—you’re also being prepared with a biblical foundation for life. The mentorship from caring Christians, guidance from experienced professionals and care from the community truly make the CSU experience like no other. This is an investment that pays off throughout a lifetime.

You’ll see the CSU “sticker price” below. However, more than 99% of students pay significantly less than the numbers listed here. In fact, the average institutional aid package last year was $15,200!

We recommend you speak with your admissions counselor and check out the Net Price Calculator to see more closely what your actual costs might be.

2022–2023 Average Annual Cost
(Full-Time Undergraduate)
Tuition $29,700
Room & Board $7,300 (21 meal)
Total average annual costs $37,000
*General course fees are listed below. Individual course-related fees may also apply; see section below.


Tuition Breakdown
Tuition Flat Rate (12-16 credits) $14,850/semester
Tuition Per Credit (1-11 or over 16 credits) $990
Audit $440


Room & Board (Per Semester)
Residence Hall $1,425
14 Meal Plan $2,125
21 Meal Plan $2,225

Online & Graduate Tuition

The tuition cost per credit is competitive to help you reach your goals for a biblical education. Be sure to check out our discounts for online undergraduate, graduate and seminary studies too!

2022–2023 Academic Year
Undergraduate (online)¹ $425
M.A. (Bible, integrated studies) $485
M.A. (counseling) $590
M.Min. and M.Div. $485
M.Ed., M.S.C. and Th.M. $590
D.Min. $670
Ph.D. $720
Audit (undergraduate) $213
Audit (graduate) $243

*Some specific course fees and miscellaneous fees still do exist including late fees, independent study fees, payment plan fees, continuation fees, etc. Please refer to our miscellaneous fees chart for further information.

¹Undergraduate Online rates are applicable to students who take all courses exclusively online. Students registered for any undergraduate on-campus course during the semester will have all courses, even those taken online, billed at the established undergraduate on-campus rate.

2021–2022 Academic Year


Undergraduate (Online)1 $415
M.A., M.Min., and M.Div. $475
M.A. (counseling – new students starting spring 2022) $585
M.Ed., M.S.C., and Th.M. $585
D.Min. $660
Ph.D. $710
Audit (undergraduate) $207
Audit (graduate) $230


Tuition Planning

Be sure to plan ahead for late fees, independent study fees, payment plan fees, continuation fees, etc. Please refer to our miscellaneous fees chart, and check out our Financial Forms & Resources page to find what you’re looking for.

Fees Chart
General Fees
General Fee (undergraduate residential only) $40/credit
Student Service Fee (online and graduate students only) $50/course
Miscellaneous Fees
Application Fee $25
Confirmation Deposit $250
Course Change Fee (after drop/add date) $30
Vehicle Registration Fee $120
Student ID Replacement Fee $20
Dorm Fob Replacement Fee $15
Graduation Fee (per degree, charged for diploma even if the student is not participating in Commencement) $175
Music Fees
Private Music Lesson $200
Instrument Rental Fee (all methods courses) Varies
Senior Recital Fee $50
Junior Recital Fee $50
Choral Fee (MU370) $25
Choral Dress/Tux (charged after course begins) Varies
Student Account Fees
Payment Plan Fee $50/semester
Returned Check Fee $30
Late Payment Fee $40
Default Fee (after two consecutive late fees) $100
Course-Related Fees*
Acadeum Course Fee $50/credit
Field Trip Fees (AR200, EN122, LI222) Varies
Field Trip Fees (EN401) $40
Field Trip Fees (PA404) $50
Logos Bible software (Undergrad on-campus) $350 (1st semester only)
Logos Bible software (undergrad online) $175 (both 1st & 2nd semesters)
Media Equipment (ME210) $30
Media Equipment (ME311) $70
Off-Schedule Course Fee $100/credit
Science Lab Fee (all labs) $120
Student Teaching Fee $200/placement
Study Abroad TBD
Testing Fee (CO532) $60
Testing Fee (CO542 & PS451) $50
Testing Fee (PA311) $25
Wilderness Courses (EM340, EM350, PE400) $100/credit
BBS Masters & Doctoral Program Fees
Continuation Fee – D.Min. $670
Continuation Fee – Ph.D. $720
Logos Bible Software –  Masters & Ph.D. $500 first semester
$350 second semester

Textbooks are approximately $500 per semester.

They can be purchased at our online bookstore.

Estimate Your Cost

Use our Net Price Calculator to determine your financial aid package.

Ways to Save

Excellent biblical higher education is an important investment. More than 99 percent of our students received assistance last year—totaling more than $5 million.

CSU Scholarships
Help directly from Clarks Summit University includes institutional scholarships for qualifying students. View a list of CSU scholarships.

Start at CSU While You’re Still in High School
High school juniors and seniors can take college-level classes from CSU, allowing them to earn college credits while fulfilling high school requirements. Half of the cost for this High School Dual Enrollment will be fully reimbursed for you when you become an on-campus student at CSU.

Plan Ahead
Contact our admissions team to discuss a plan for the cost of your degree. Start here.

Important Information for Members of the U.S. Military and Veterans

Thank you for serving. We are grateful for men and women like you who have bravely chosen to serve the United States through military service.

Your military experience is a great asset to you in many ways. We can help you use your unique experience and benefits to achieve your goals.

A Clarks Summit University education is an excellent compliment to your military training. We can prepare you to serve and lead wherever God takes you.


For general information about CSU, the best place for you to start is to request information.

For specific financial aid information, contact the Financial Aid Department.

Special Financial Benefits for You

We will work with you to ensure you receive all the funding and financial benefits you are entitled to—whether you’re studying on campus or online.

Benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill, the Post 9-11 GI Bill and ROTC can cover up to 100 percent of your tuition and fees.

For detailed information for our U.S. Military and Veterans, visit our dedicated page for you!




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