Military Students and Veterans

Members of the U.S. Military and Veterans

Thank you for serving. We are grateful for men and women like you who have bravely chosen to serve the United States through military service.

Your military experience is a great asset to you in many ways. We can help you use your unique experience and benefits to achieve your goals.

A Clarks Summit University education is an excellent complement to your military training. We can prepare you to serve and lead wherever God takes you.

Isakson & Roe Requirements



For general information about CSU, the best place for you to start is to request information and contact an Admissions Counselor.

For specific financial aid information, contact the Financial Aid Department.

2022-2023 Military & Veterans Tuition Rates

Undergraduate (online)¹
M.A. (Bible, integrated studies)
M.A. (counseling)
M.Min. and M.Div.
M.Ed., M.S.C. and Th.M.

*Some specific course fees and miscellaneous fees still do exist including late fees, independent study fees, payment plan fees, continuation fees, etc. Please refer to our miscellaneous fees chart for further information.

¹Undergraduate Online rates are applicable to students who take all courses exclusively online. Students registered for any undergraduate on-campus course during the semester will have all courses, even those taken online, billed at the established undergraduate on-campus rate.

Special Financial Benefits for You

We will work with you to ensure you receive all the funding and financial benefits you are entitled to—whether you’re studying on campus or online.

Benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill, the Post 9-11 GI Bill and ROTC can cover up to 100 percent of your tuition and fees.

ROTC programs

Find details on the Army ROTC scholarship here.

Preparing students for military service after graduation, the ROTC programs can help you pay for college—up to and including a four-year degree.

You can pair ROTC with a CSU education to make you a well-rounded leader—in the military and wherever else God places you to serve and lead.

While you earn your degree at CSU, your ROTC classes will count as elective credits in the program you choose, if room in your degree allows. While you are in the ROTC program, you cannot be called to active duty.

Department of Defense Tuition Assistance (TA)

The Department of Defense Tuition Assistance (TA) program can help cover tuition expenses for eligible service members.

For more information and to apply, contact your branch education office.

Prospective students should receive approval from their Education Services Officer, military counselor or Service prior to enrollment at Clarks Summit University.

Once your TA form has been approved, please forward a copy to

Basic Process

The basic overall process of receiving financial aid is outlined at gov.  The process at CSU can be summarized as follows:

  • Apply for admission at CSU, ideally, anytime earlier than four weeks before your intended starting semester.* Semesters usually start mid-August for fall; early January for spring; early May for summer.
  • Let your Admissions Counselor know if there are any potential military benefits.
  • Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses/Dependents: Please contact the CSU Financial Aid office to use your applicable benefits.
  • Complete the federal application for student aid (FAFSA), which becomes available each year on October 1 for the following school year.
  • Complete the state aid application, if applicable. A link to the state aid application can usually be found on the last page of the FAFSA.
  • Once accepted as a student at CSU and the FAFSA is completed, you will receive a financial aid award letter from CSU outlining costs, aid from all sources, and loan eligibility.
  • When student billing is generated, any gift aid on the award letter will automatically be packaged.
  • Loans can be accepted either in the student portal or by contacting the financial aid office.

* Start dates for upcoming semesters can be found at the CSU Institutional Calendar.

Financial Aid

Different kinds of Financial Aid are available to all students.

Scholarships and Discounts
While many residential CSU students receive CSU scholarships, qualified online students benefit most from discounts. You can find further information on both aspects on our Scholarships page.

Student Loans
A student loan is an award of financial aid for which the lender will have to be paid back. Some loans are subsidized, meaning the federal government pays the interest that accrues on the loan from the date of disbursement until the loan enters repayment status. Other loans are unsubsidized, meaning you will be responsible to pay all interest that accrues on the loan from the date of disbursement until it is paid in full. You can choose to pay the interest while you are in school or defer it until after you graduate. You can find further information on our Grants & Loans page.

NOTE: We recommend that you utilize your federal loan eligibility before exploring private student loan options.

Net Price Calculator

If you need to work with a Net Price Calculator, please visit our Net Price Calculator page and begin the process outlined there.

Once the Net Price Calculator is activated, the results include the estimated price of textbooks ($500 per semester).




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