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An affordable education with lasting value

At CSU, you can be confident that you are not only being prepared for your career—you’re also being prepared with a biblical foundation for life. The tuition cost per credit is competitive to help you reach your goals for a biblical education.

Pastoral Degree Online
Undergraduate Online Programs


Per credit


Discounts available


Associate and Bachelor’s


FREE Logos Bible Software for life

Does not include textooks

Credit Cost
Per Credit
Undergraduate Studies

Per Credit
Undergraduate Studies




Student Service Fee

Student Service Fee: $50 per course
(online undergraduate only)

Miscellaneous Fees

Application Fee: $25

Course Change Fee (after drop/add date): $30

Graduation Fee: $175
(per degree; charged for diploma even if the student is not participating in Commencement)

Music Fees

Private Music Lesson: $200

Choral Fee (MU370): $25

Choral Dress/Tux: Varies
(charged after course begins)

Student Account Fees

Payment Plan Fee: $50/semester

Returned Check Fee: $30

Late Payment Fee: $40

Default Fee: $100
(after two consecutive late fees)

Course-Related Fees

Acadeum Course Fee: $50 per credit

Accelerated Learning Fee: $75 per credit

Certification Exam Fees

  • BA109: $174
  • BA119: $120
  • BA206: $170

Field Trip Fees

  • AR200: varies by trip
  • BA230: $59
  • BA225: $59
  • BA280: $85
  • BA334: $75
  • EN122: varies by trip
  • EN401: $40
  • MI480: $50
  • PA404: $50
  • PS453: $25
  • SM206: $45
  • SO301: $25

      Membership Fees

      • BA179: $30
      • BA220: $25
      • BA230: $25
      • BA255: $29

      Off-Schedule Course Fee: $100/credit

      Portfolio Assessment Fees

      • Course Fee: $200
      • Submission Fee: $100/credit
      • Completion Fee: $100/credit

      Prior Learning Assessment Fee: $200

      Project Start-Up Funds (BA102): $25

      Study Abroad: TBD

      Testing Fees

      • CO532: $60
      • CO542: $65
      • PA311: $25
      • PS451: $65

      Wilderness Courses (EM340, EM350, PE400): $100/credit


      Textbooks are approximately $500 per semester.

      They can be purchased at our online bookstore.

      *Undergraduate Online rates are applicable to students who take all courses exclusively online. Students registered for any undergraduate on-campus course during the semester will have all courses, even those taken online, billed at the established undergraduate on-campus rate.

      Ways to Save
      CSU Discounts
      Military & First Responders Discounts

      Benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill, the Post 9-11 GI Bill and ROTC can cover up to 100 percent of your tuition and fees.

      For detailed information for our U.S. Military and Veterans, visit our dedicated page for you!

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