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Accelerated Degrees

Earn 2 degrees in 5 or 6 years with an accelerated degree from Clarks Summit University.

Accelerated Counseling

(Bachelor of Science & Master of Science in Counseling)

A fast track for counseling.

The Accelerated Counseling program allows you to earn two degrees in sixyears. Graduates gain both Bachelor of Science in Counseling and Master of Science in Counseling degrees. This focused program combines undergraduate and graduate level courses for a unique blended schedule. You will train with licensed counselors as your professors and will study in interactive classrooms as you learn the biblical base for effective counseling.

The Accelerated Counseling program is designed for students with a strong academic background, able and motivated to study at the graduate level.

Clear direction.

You have a heart for people and a deep desire to offer counsel to those around you. You are drawn towards those who are struggling with emotional trauma and desperately want to share God’s love with them. You have a clear direction and are ready to enter the professional field as soon as possible.

  • Articulate a biblical worldview as it relates to counseling philosophy and methodology.
  • Develop and grow your counseling abilities in professional settings.
  • Study and write professionally on a research topic.
  • Demonstrate personal awareness and maturity in psycho-social and spiritual development.
  • The qualifications needed to effectively assist people in difficulty.
  • Valuable counseling experience under supervisors and mentors.
  • The ability to communicate clearly with clients with learned people-helping skills.
  • An academic foundation to pursue doctoral studies or certification as a professional counselor.
  • 172 credits
  • Earn two degrees in six years.
  • Prepares you to pursue licensure and/or certification.
  • An internship and multiple practicums provide training and experience in real counseling situations.
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Biblical Philosophy of Counseling
  • Abnormal Behavior
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Theories and Techniques in Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Ethics and Professional Orientation to Counseling
  • Career Counselor
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Psychotherapist
  • School Guidance Counselor
  • Marriage and Family Therapist

Accelerated General Ministries and Pastoral Ministries

(Bachelor of Science & Master of Divinity)

Make an impact.

These tailored programs allow you to earn both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Divinity in only five years—on campus or online.

You will combine undergraduate, seminary and real workplace experience through these powerful options. And you can complete the programs entirely online or in an immersive on-campus setting in as little as five years.

The Accelerated General Ministries and Pastoral Ministries programs prepare you for many types of Christian ministry around the globe. Through balanced content and a careful arrangement of courses, you will gain knowledge and experience to effectively make an impact on the world for Christ.

A paid pastoral internship or an integrated ministry project rounds out your education, giving you practical work experience alongside a sound ministry mentor.

Get where you need to go.

These accelerated programs are a good fit for you if you have a passion for ministry, a heart for people and feel God is leading you to serve Him.

The Accelerated General Ministries and Pastoral Ministries programs can take you where you want to go and give you what you’ll need to be effective when you get there, with courses that fit your own unique ministry setting in:

  • Bible and theology
  • Life and ministry
  • Church and culture
  • Hebrew
  • Greek
  • God’s Plan for the Ages
  • Principles of Spiritual Formation
  • Contemporary Cultural Engagement
  • Love God supremely
  • Handle the Scriptures accurately
  • Serve the church effectively
  • Love all people equally
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