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High School Dual Enrollment

Get a jump start on earning college credits as a high school student—on-campus or online.

Accelerate your learning

High School Dual Enrollment at CSU

Gain the same course benefits as college students and top preparation for further higher education success at a fully accredited, Christ-centered university.

Your time is valuable. Dual enrollment can help you maximize your time and put you a step ahead of average high school students. With dual enrollment, you’ll earn college credits as you fulfill your high school requirements.

You can take a single class, several classes or complete 30 credits over your entire junior and senior years.

Check out the Spring 2021 High School Dual Enrollment course schedule.

Prepare for the next level

Gain top preparation for further higher education success by completing university-level classes with a Christ-centered focus.

Dual enrollment gives you experience in higher level learning, preparing you to reach your future academic goals and proving your capacity for higher-level learning, which will reflect well on your resume and college applications.

Save money

Dual enrollment cost is an unparalleled value at just $145 for each credit hour ($435 per 3-credit class—a significant savings over traditional tuition costs).

Even better: You can get ALL YOUR TUITION MONEY BACK in the form of a scholarship when you attend Clarks Summit University as an on-campus student and graduate from CSU with a bachelor’s degree.

A successful dual enrolled student should…

  • Be willing to ask for help
  • Demonstrate patience and persistence
  • Show signs of maturity and responsibility
  • Utilize a computer effectively
  • Sharpen time-management
  • Work ahead and be proactive
  • Sustain independence and initiative

Frequently Asked Questions about High School Dual Enrollment

What is High School Dual Enrollment?

A program that allows high school students to take classes at the college level, which gives them the possibility of dual credit.

What are the advantages?
  • Introduction to college work load
  • Credits go toward college which will create a lighter work load per semester, flexibility for a minor or allow you to graduate a semester or year early
  • Explore career fields before starting college
How much do High School Dual Enrollment courses cost?

$145 per credit = $435 per class

This is a significant savings over traditional tuition costs.

Who can participate in High School Dual Enrollment?

High school juniors and seniors with a 3.0 or higher GPA who are accepted into the program.

Can I study online or on campus?


When are classes offered?

On Campus

Two 16-week semesters: August to December and January to May


Five 8-week sessions: starting in January, March, May, August and October

How many classes can I take?

You may take one 8-week session or two per 16-week semester.

Can I receive both college and high school credit?

College credit should not be an issue as long as the course is required for your major. High school credit is based on your high school’s policy.

How will dual enrollment affect my GPA?

High school GPA is based on the high school’s discrepancy. College as a high schooler is similar to that of a regular college student. Your grade will impact your college GPA. If you attend CSU, that is the GPA that will continue with you. Outside CSU, typically a C or better will transfer wherever God is leading you.

Who can help me with dual enrollment and choosing my classes?

Initially, your admissions counselor will walk you through options. Once you are enrolled, you will be assigned an advisor to assist you through the rest of your time as a dual enrolled student.


Early Childhood Ed. major,
Meshoppen, PA


The biggest benefit of the online classes is that I could complete the coursework from anywhere. I could even complete the forums through the Schoology app on my phone, which allowed me to take my education anywhere my family was going. The classes were a great introduction to college work, especially since I could message the professors any time to ask questions.



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