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Why CSU?

You want to choose a college:

where you can get prepared for your future,
where you will grow in your relationship with Christ
where you truly find your fit.

Students constantly say the top reason they love CSU so much is: Community. When you’re part of the CSU community, you attend class with professors who are mentors, you do life right alongside others who want to serve their Savior, and you are welcomed into lifelong friendships that last well beyond graduation.


You matter here.

Become Christ-Centered and Career-Ready.

At CSU, everything is geared towards one goal: to prepare you to succeed in your career and grow in your walk with Christ. You will attend chapel each weekday to worship and be challenged through God’s Word, and your professors will mentor you from a biblical perspective in every one of your classes.

“I am being prepared….by my teachers giving me real scenarios to work with in class that help me think from a Christ-centered view. I also have been prepared to be a Christ-centered, career-ready graduate by being pushed in the sports I play, being shown that what we take off the field or court will reflect in our lives as well.”

-Hannah Knapp, Millerton New York, Entrepreneurship/Business

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Major intentionally.

Did you know that every undergrad student at CSU is a double-major? Along with whatever career major you choose, you will also major in Biblical Studies. This means that you will dive into Scripture and theology as a core part of your studies, to give you a solid biblical foundation for the rest of your life.

Read more about the impact of CSU’s double major in Bible.

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Choose from strong academic programs.

You have more than 40 options available as an on-campus undergraduate student at CSU! Many of our majors contain practicums and internships, so you will be equipped with the practical skills you need to excel..Your education will prepare you to succeed and serve God well in whatever career or ministry you pursue.

See all of your on-campus undergraduate options.

Learn from supportive mentors.

Your classes will be taught by experienced professors, many of whom are actively working in their field. You will be able to rely on the faculty of CSU as people who genuinely care about your spiritual, academic and career development, and who will support and encourage you long after you graduate!

Get involved.

At CSU, you’ll enjoy a positive atmosphere on-campus at the #1 Most Beautiful Bible College in the U.S. Frequent residence hall and campus-wide events help you develop meaningful friendships and fun memories! You will have the opportunity to grow through activities such as choir, theater, sports, rock-wall climbing, studying at the Underground Café and leadership development.

Learn more about life on-campus, extracurricular activities, and employment opportunities.

Honestly, I don’t think I even knew what having community with people outside of my family was until I came here…I am surrounded by people who pray for me and whom I pray for, and I am blessed by this unique season of my life. I know I will treasure all these memories I have gained at CSU.

-Hope Showers, Communications-Theatre major from Millerstown, Pennsylvania

Discover the CSU difference.

CSU was ranked #17 on Hidden Gems with Tuition Under $25K in 2020. 95 percent of our full-time residential students also receive CSU scholarships. With the help of our financial aid packages, you will earn a degree at the most affordable rates possible, and you will get much more than just an academic education as you join a loving Christian community.

Learn about available financial aid.

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Join a thriving network.

You will make connections and gain valuable experiences like those who have graduated before you. CSU’s alumni lead businesses, colleges, schools, churches, missions agencies, camps and countless other organizations in all 50 states and more than 70 countries. Our graduates are accepted at top-level graduate schools and seminaries across the country. At CSU, you will join a network of success.

Make a difference.

No need to wait until after graduation to change the world! You will put learning into practice through career-related experiences, local church involvement and service to the community.


CSU is a very loving, supportive and passionate community. Staff and students alike care for each other and seek to help each other grow…When you join CSU, you are joining a wonderful, loving community seeking to grow in Christ together.

-Isaac, CSU’s incoming class of 2020

CSU’s commitment to preparing Christ-centered, career-ready graduates

Christ-Centered. Career-Ready.

You can earn a degree anywhere. What you’ll love about CSU is how every aspect of your experience has an end goal in mind—to help you know Christ and to be prepared to succeed in your career.

“CSU ensures that its students will be prepared for their field, but the university does not stop there. It invests in the whole individual, inside and outside of the classroom, by building relationships and providing enlightening resources, purposeful connections, and challenging opportunities.” – Grace Ives, Secondary English Education major


At CSU, you won’t just learn God’s Word in a class or two. You’ll double major in Bible, so you’ll be immersed in the study of God’s Word as you prepare for a career in your chosen field. Better yet, every class you take is taught through a Christ-centered perspective by a professor with a strong biblical worldview, and your coaches, advisors and resident directors all care about you personally and want to encourage you to know Christ.

“CSU’s staff does an amazing job incorporating Christ in every aspect of, in my case, business, showing and preparing me for what is to come when I leave CSU and get out into the world. On top of that, the Bible courses offered are amazing and really teach you how to break down and understand God’s Word.” -Evan Griffen, Business Administration major

You’ll attend weekday chapels, sometimes in a formal setting with speakers from CSU and around the globe, and sometimes with group of friends and mentors you simply “do life” with. You’ll find many opportunities to join a local church family and get involved by serving the community, church and non-profit organizations.

We’ll encourage you to ask challenging questions and engage in thoughtful discussion—in and out of the classroom. Trusted friends and mentors will be right alongside you as you develop the core convictions and biblically grounded beliefs that will prepare you for success in every area of life.

“CSU has helped me become career ready by investing in my spiritual future.” -Stephanie Fry, Early Childhood Education major


You don’t just want any job; you want a career that excites you and matches your God-given interests and passions.

We get it. That’s why we’re here to help you go beyond simply getting a degree, giving you an intentional path to reach your career goals. (And if you’re not sure what direction to take, we’ll even help you discover how your own talents and abilities fit together, so you can pursue an education that sets you up to thrive in a career that fits your unique, God-given design.)

Every aspect of your CSU experience builds specific job skills or key soft skills employers are looking for, like dependability, effective communication and a strong work ethic.

Here at CSU, you could take advantage of our strong leadership development platform in our on-campus student employment.

You will learn from professors and coaches as you take on leadership roles in athletics, residence hall life, student government, theatre and other groups.

“CSU has helped me become career ready by providing experienced faculty to teach their classes and making sure I have the knowledge and experience I need to start teaching.” -Kristen Pontz, Secondary Math Education major

You’ll find many of our programs include internships, practicums and other hands-on learning opportunities, giving you experiences for your resume that are completed in a safe learning environment with guidance from industry experts.

“Starting my junior year, every semester, the education students have a practicum experience where they are in a real classroom teaching lessons and working alongside a local teacher…I love the Christian based view that we are taught from. This helps me to better see my future students through how God sees and loves them.” – Kara Brown, Elementary Education major

You’ll interact with professionals in your field, whether they’re your professors, CSU alumni or special guests at career dinners, chapels and other networking events designed to help you connect with and learn from those who are thriving in your desired career path.

That’s because our goal at CSU is not to just give you a degree—it is to launch you into a life of Christ-honoring success in your career.

“Every class I have taken in my degree path has shown me just how seriously CSU takes the motto “Christ-Centered, Career-Ready”. Every class prepares and educates you in realistic, palpable ways, while delivering solid biblical truth…CSU heavily emphasizes its focus on personal ministry and outreach no matter what your major is.” – Timothy John Fisher, Specialized Ministry major

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