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On-Campus Jobs for Students

Gain Meaningful Skills

As a CSU student, you have an opportunity to be employed in various positions on campus. CSU’s on-campus positions serve as Christ-Centered and Career-Ready, experience-based learning opportunities.

Christ-Centered and Career-Ready Program

As a student employee of Clarks Summit University, you will receive the following:

  • Vocational mentoring by students and staff
  • Development of soft skills
  • Experiences in leadership and training
  • Participation in semester assessments
  • Development of growth goals
Our Christ-Centered and Career-Ready learning objectives:
  • Production & Performance
  • Effective Communication
  • Administration & Organization
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Team Concept
  • Dependability & Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction

Student Employment Information

On-Campus Information
  • There are about 160 positions on campus, but limited open positions.
  • Applications for the fall semester open July 15. 
  • Applications for the spring semester begin November 1.
  • We expect our students to be proactive with their employment search. If you desire a specific position, we encourage you to inquire about the position and the requirements.
  • Students typically work 5 to 12 hours per week on campus.
  • International students and Federal Work Study Students cannot exceed 20 hours per week, unless during an academic break
Current On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities
  • Athletics
  • Communications & Marketing (writing, photography)
  • Custodial
  • The Crag Climbing Wall
  • Chapel Chair Set-up Crew
  • Food Service
  • IT
  • Murphy Memorial Library
  • Mail Center
  • Maintenance & Grounds
  • Media Team—Audio & Visual
  • Office & Administration
  • Recreation Center Membership Services
  • Recruitment
  • Security
  • Tutoring
  • Underground Café
  • Summer positions

Information about open positions is detailed on the application for student employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify to work on campus?

As a student, you qualify to work on campus:

  • If you are registered for classes
  • After you have applied and interviewed for the position
  • After you have an official job offer and have accepted it
  • After all documentation is submitted
What documents do I need to begin my on-campus job?

Before you can begin working your on-campus job, you will need to provide the following:

  • Original and unexpired documents to fulfill the I-9 form. You can find it here.
  • Documents must be original and unexpired. CSU cannot accept photo copies, pictures, PDFs or faxes. It’s recommended to bring these documents to campus so work may begin immediately. All U.S. positions require original, unexpired documents. It is a good habit to ensure these are continually available and updated.
  • Direct deposit information. It is strongly recommended that you bring your banking information with you to campus. If you do not have a bank account, there are local banks where you can open an account.
How do I know which positions are open?

Our webpage is updated frequently, indicating which positions are hiring. Our model of applying for positions focuses on helping you with career-readiness. When you apply for a position after graduation, you apply for a position, not for a company. We expect the same. You choose positions for which you would like to apply. Please specify on which position you are applying for on your application.

Once I've submitted my student employment application, what's the next step?

If you desire a specific position, we encourage you to introduce yourself to the hiring director. If you’re unsure, please reach out to the Student Employment and Career-Readiness office, located in the Office for Student Development. If you have been chosen for an interview, you will be contacted by the hiring director. We understand many students have not officially had interview experience. We value the learning opportunity to assist you in becoming career-ready through building interview skills, so we welcome you to ask questions of the hiring director, visit the student HUB on Schoology or stop by the Student Employment and Career-Readiness office for direction.

Will I be contacted for every job I apply for?

Hiring decisions are based on needs of the department. Typically, we have many students apply for one position. Not every student will be offered an interview. If you are chosen to participate in an interview, the hiring director will email your student email. If you do not check your email, you will forfeit the opportunity to interview. Employers in the future will expect you to be timely in communication, and we expect that too. We suggest responding within 24 hours to any request.

We encourage all students to be proactive in seeking employment, which includes inquiring with individual departments about their hiring needs.

How many hours can I work on campus?

Typically, students work around 10 hours, but this may be more or less depending on the department.

Work Study and International students are limited to 20 hours per week during the academic year.

What is the pay rate for student employees?

Every student is paid at least $8.00 per hour, which is above Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. We do not negotiate rates, as they are based on position, but we would be willing to help you with career-readiness by discussing how to negotiate rates for local employment and future careers.

Do I need to have direct deposit?

While it is not required for CSU employment, many companies are beginning to go paperless, so it’s a good habit to manage funds electronically as you prepare for your future career. We encourage you to set up direct deposit to make it quick and simple to have the funds available in your bank account. CSU will cash checks up to $60 in the Business Office.

Can I continue to work over the summer?
  • Student positions are limited over the summer (generally less than 20 are available).
  • You will need to apply for these positions, unless offered to remain on campus for specific positions.
  • Summer positions focus on Christ-centered growth and development, so we hire students who have a strong desire to be mentored and discipled.
Can I work more than one position?
  • Yes, but very few students work more than one position.
  • Typically, we only hire for one position to allow other students opportunities to work.
  • Working one position allows you to invest in that department and the supervisor to invest in you.
  • We want you to be Christ-centered and career-ready upon graduation, so we want our students to be invested in by their supervisor, rather than splitting hours between multiple departments.

Take the next step to your student employment opportunity.

Application for On-Campus Student Employment



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