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Growing in Christ at CSU

At Clarks Summit University, we acknowledge that loving God cannot be coerced, so we look to provide students with a variety of opportunities to seek after God.

You’ll be encouraged to get involved in local churches and communities to make a difference. You can also expect to find mentors who care about your spiritual growth. Academic courses, dorm life and extracurricular activities all become places for growing and deepening your relationships with others and with Christ.

Church Involvement

Church involvement is an opportunity to practice the New Testament admonition for worship, fellowship, edification and evangelism. Clarks Summit University views each student’s faithful participation in the body of a local church as a crucial element of preparation for future life and ministry.

Ministry Development

Ministry is an opportunity to comprehensively serve the physical, emotional, mental, social, financial and vocational needs of others in Christ’s name. Clarks Summit University’s Ministry Development program exists to help students identify opportunities in which they can apply their education in real-life ministry settings and serve unselfishly.

More about Ministry Development

Ministry Development
As a student at Clarks Summit University, you receive a quality education through your interactions with our professors, staff and fellow students—whether on-campus or around the globe. We also believe part your education is gaining experience through hands-on ministries in the local church and community.

Our Values and Goals
What we desire to be true for each student flows from the values of Ministry Development.

Since we value the student as a redeemed image bearer of God, we are committed to helping you progress in the transformation toward complete Christ-likeness.

Since we value the local church, we are committed to helping you connect with a local church for the purpose of worship and ministry. Students are expected to be faithfully involved in a local church whose doctrine is compatible with the training you receive at Clarks Summit University.

Since we value ministry as a lifestyle, we are committed to helping you think intentionally and creatively about the myriad ways in which you may serve Christ in the world.

Since we value biblically-based critical thinking and biblically-defined character as essential for faithful Christian ministry, we are committed to helping you engage in ministry in a way that is biblical in both concept and conduct.

Since we value the development of a person’s skills in achieving God-given ministry potential, we are committed to helping you appropriately evaluate each of your ministry experiences.

Where To Get Involved
There are numerous ministry opportunities for you in nearby churches, in the community and even on campus.

You may assist a church plant, work with inner-city youth, learn to teach, disciple inmates, bring hope to nursing home residents, use sports as outreach, share the gospel in New York City, counsel teens, assist nonprofits, preach, minister through music, develop a new ministry… Anything is possible.

A Dynamic Part of the Ministry Development
A Ministry Fair is held early each fall semester. Area churches and other ministry leaders gather on campus to meet and interact with our students. The Ministry Fair is a great way to learn about possible places for worship and ministry.

Clarks Summit University views your participation in a local church as a crucial element in your preparation for future leadership. Your involvement not only plays a vital part of your development but also adds to the growth and development of the church.



Chapel is an opportunity for the Clarks Summit University family to join together in prayer, worship and spiritual instruction from God’s word to encourage us to Christlikeness. These sessions are led by faculty members, pastors, missionaries, students and other special speakers.

Listen to recorded chapel messages.

Residence Hall Chapel

Residence hall chapels are held weekly during the 10 a.m. chapel hour and provide opportunities within the context of dorm life to study Scripture, pray and encourage one another.

Personal Growth

We believe your personal study of the Scriptures is absolutely essential to growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Clarks Summit University encourages students to develop a walk with God through personal Bible study and prayer that is lived out practically in community.




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