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Undergraduate Academic Awards Celebrated

Undergraduate Academic Awards Celebrated

In a special awards portion of chapel on Monday, February 5, 2024, students and campus organizations were recognized for academic excellence. Clarks Summit University inducted 11 students into the Alpha Gamma Epsilon honor society and celebrated 40 students who achieved a 4.0 grade point average during the fall 2023 semester. Students who earned an invitation to a respected career intensive, were announced, and an award for the campus literary magazine was highlighted. Dr. Janet Hicks, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and professor of English and communications, presented the awards.

Watch the awards portion of chapel here.

Students Inducted into Alpha Gamma Epsilon

The Greek letters AGE, represent love, knowledge and self-discipline. Students who are inducted into the honor society must be degree-seeking students who have completed 57 credit hours at CSU with 3.4 or better cumulative average. The inductees must also must be approved by the faculty for their strong Christian character. The honor reflects consistent hard work and dedication alongside spiritual maturity for the 11 students who were inducted.

Newest Inductees into Alpha Gamma Epsilon Honor Society:

Five from CSU Selected for Reclaim Today

30 students from all ABHE schools were chosen for Our Daily Bread’s “Reclaim Today” writing and design intensive. Five of the 30 spots were awarded to students from Clarks Summit University. The students were selected to travel to Orlando, Florida later this month for three days of hands-on writing or graphic design training. The initiative gives select students the opportunity to hone their craft while growing spiritually, and they have a chance to create devotionals designed to reach young people. “We are very proud of them,” Dr. Hicks added.

CSU Students Selected for Reclaim Today

CSU Literary Magazine Awarded

For the second year in a row, the National Council of Teachers of English recognized CSU’s student-driven literary digital magazine. “Vantage Magazine” earned a REALM honorable mention for the college division, standing for Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines. Dr. Hicks noted, “They saw excellence in Christian young writers and photographers and artists and layout folk. And we are just praising the Lord for their accomplishment.”

4.0 Achievement Recognized

Students who earned a 4.0 average were rewarded CSU’s traditional gift of a 4.0 coffee mug. “Whenever you use your mug,” instructed Dr. Hicks, “Make sure you are reminded of the value of discipline and of hard work, and that it is all for Jesus, and in all things He is to be honored.”

Students who earned a 4.0 GPA in the Fall 2023 Semester

  • Julianna Baker 
  • Paul Bancroft 
  • Emily Chase 
  • Rachael Chastain 
  • Gavin Clute 
  • Isadora Da Silva 
  • Samantha Dancer 
  • Joshua Daubert 
  • Jaden Demerly 
  • Molly Deshetsky 
  • Rylie Doggart 
  • Stephanie Eades 
  • Jeremiah Finley 
  • Samuel Ford 
  • Hazel Guthrie 
  • Emily Hadden 
  • Ethan Hofstetter 
  • Liam Hungate 
  • Jerusha Ilgenfritz 
  • Abigail Isaacson 
  • Katarina Kirsten 
  • Courtney Kmett 
  • Hailey Kmett 
  • Haley Lingerman 
  • Marissa Manzek 
  • Joshua Masters 
  • Mattie McGuinness 
  • Ashlyn Messinger 
  • Harrison Michel 
  • Raymond Nguyen 
  • Sarah Paone 
  • Lydia Peters 
  • Julian Posey 
  • Sarah Puttbach 
  • Holly Sell 
  • Rebecca Serfass 
  • Dawson Shahan 
  • Codey Slayton 
  • Alexander Smith 
  • Carissa Zawiski 

Well done, students!

Watch the awards portion of chapel here.

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