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Master of Arts: Organizational Leadership Concentration

Master of Arts: Organizational Leadership Concentration


Lead with vision and conviction.

Build your leadership skills as you empower teams and organizations meet their goals. Apply what you learn immediately—in businesses, non-profits and churches.

Earn your degree 100% online
Be mentored by caring professors
30 credits
Master of Arts: Organizational Leadership


Accessible and Customizable 

At just 30 credits, CSU’s online Master of Arts degree prepares you for careers and enhances your ministry as a Christian leader in as little as two years. Enjoy the flexibility of an online program grounded in the Word of God.

“The idea of organizational leadership was appealing to me because I enjoy working with non-profits. Many of the courses I took were on managing or running an organization like a non-profit or the theological and spiritual side of running a Christian non-profit.”

Geoffrey Pearson
Master of Arts | Union, KY


What Will You Learn?

Start with a biblical base and build a practical understanding of people, organizations and teams to learn how to truly make a difference.

Master of Arts: Organizational Leadership
Lead in ministry or marketplace settings.

Customize your program to apply to your unique professional goals. Chose electives, each facilitated by experienced CSU professors, to help you lead in both ministry and marketplace settings.

Communicate a solid vision and clear direction.

Become equipped to effectively lead others well through biblically based principles and effective communication skills.

Create a healthy and productive work environment.

Your understanding of organizational dynamics will enable you to maintain a productive environment for team members.


What You Will Study

Each of your courses is taught from a biblical worldview. You’ll interact within small class sizes and with professors who really care about you and your goals. You’ll not only receive quality academics to prepare you for the next steps in your career and ministry, but you’ll also get mentorship to prepare you for life.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted.
Course Descriptions can be found in the catalog.

Bible and Theology

Required – 3 credits; choose 1 course

  • How to Develop a Biblical Worldview [TH511]
  • Survey of Doctrines [TH517]

Electives – 9 credits; choose 3 courses from Bible and Theology electives



Required – 3 credits; choose 1 course

  • Communication of the Word [BI551]
  • Leadership Communication [LD550]
Leadership Electives

Required – 15 credits; choose 5 courses

  • Leadership Foundations  [LD500]
  • Biblical Theology of Leadership [LD502]
  • Theories of Leadership [LD503]
  • Leadership Communication [LD550]
  • Leading Strategic Thinking and Process [LD560]
  • Project Management [LD580]
  • Readings in Leadership Literature [LD590]
Program Highlights 
  • Build relationships as you learn closely with your professors and interact with your classmates.
  • Complete your coursework entirely online.
Learn to organize teams to achieve goals.

You will learn how to lead more effectively through practical online classes that fit your schedule. You’ll be able to immediately apply what you’re learning to your current ministry and career—and open doors to new opportunities.

Eleven:6 Student Course Options

Eleven:6 students will take the following courses, facilitated through a partnership between CSU and Eleven:6. These courses are structured for an on-site internship or ministry context.  Students must have an approved context and their advisor’s permission to enroll in these courses.

Bible & Theology Required – 3 credits required; choose 1 course

  • How to Develop a Biblical Worldview [TH511]
  • Survey of Doctrines [TH517]
  • Developing a Biblical Worldview [TH532]

Bible & Theology Electives – 9 credits required; choose 3 courses

  • Spiritual Disciplines for Ministry Leaders [OL509]
  • The New Testament Church [TH533]
  • An Interpretive Study of Biblical Discipleship [TH538]
  • An Interpretive Study of Biblical Leadership [Th548]
  • Other CSU courses with BI or TH course code

Communications – 3 credits required; choose 1 course

  • Communication of the Word [BI551]
  • Organizations as a Learning Community [OL502]
  • Organizational Communication [OL508]

Electives – 15 credits; choose 5 courses

  • Leadership in Active Learning Environments [OL501]
  • Organization as a Learning Community [OL502]
  • Strategic Thinking [OL503]
  • Development of a Dynamic Team [OL504]
  • Governance and Administration of Non-Profits [OL505]
  • Financial Management of Non-Profits [OL506]
  • Risk Management [OL507]
  • Organizational Communication [OL508]
  • Spiritual Disciplines for Ministry Leaders [OL509]
  • Emotional Intelligence [OL510]
  • Nonprofit Management [OL511]


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