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Women have essential roles within the Body of Christ as they serve in the home, workplace, church, volunteering and in society.

To help women become more equipped for the various roles God prepared for them, Clarks Summit University is offering a free course to alumnae this spring. Alumnae who have a CSU or BBS degree (bachelor’s degree or higher) can register to receive the FREE gift of a three-credit, graduate-level, online course: “The Ministry of Women.”

This flexible, online course encourages and equips for ministry while providing a way to interact with other CSU alumnae. Taught by adjunct faculty member Diane Lytle, “The Ministry of Women” helps Christian women become better equipped to serve in the various roles they are placed in by God during different stages of life.

The course begins March 18, 2024. Registration for the free alumnae course closes through March 1, 2024.

Alumnae can register for free here.

Equipping Christian Woman

According to Lytle, the purpose of the course is to equip and encourage Christian women in the different stages of their lives and ministries. “We are giving attention to a biblical worldview of women in ministry in the home, workplace, local church, parachurch organizations and society,” shares Lytle. These principles apply to the variety of women who have enrolled in the class. She explains, “We have had single women in their 20s; married women in vocational ministry as well as the workplace; mothers, aunts and grandmothers; those who have been through divorce and widowhood, and others who are living overseas.”

Interactive and Unique

The use of audio or video responses makes the course interactive, and students share praise and prayer requests in the course prayer room. “One of the most unique aspects is that we collaborate on a Pinterest-type board, sharing resources we have found for each week’s topic. When the course is finished, we will be able to access these resources and continue to add to them in the days ahead,” says Lytle. This is the sixth time CSU has offered this course to alumnae, and Lytle says the interaction between alumnae is especially beneficial. “Of course, when the course is made up primarily of CSU alumnae, there is always a lot of catching up with former dorm and classmates. That has been fun to watch!”

Benefits of Online Education

According to Lytle, the flexibility of online classes is a big advantage. “For adult learners who are not able to pick up and move to our campus, our online program can meet the need for completing a college degree, entering a graduate or seminary program, or even just taking courses for enrichment.” Lytle adds, “Our professors care about our students, and we keep the courses small so our students know that!”

Women in Ministry is offered in one of five online, eight-week sessions offered annually.

While the free course is a unique opportunity, all CSU alumni can take advantage of an exclusive discount available to them for all of CSU and Baptist Bible Seminary master’s and doctoral programs.

Alumnae can register for “Women in Ministry” for free here.

The Ministry of Women: Free Course Details

8-week course
3 credits
Graduate level
Fully online
Easy-to-navigate online platform
Begins March 18, 2024
Registration required by March 1, 2024
Free for CSU alumnae who have a CSU or BBS degree (bachelor’s or higher)

Alumnae can register for free here.

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Haley Cleveland (’18) and Erika A. Bruckner (’04,’21)

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