Dr. Lynelle Buchanan: Professor, Mom, Competitive Board-Game and Volleyball Player

Dr. Lynelle Buchanan: Professor, Mom, Competitive Board-Game and Volleyball Player

College Faculty/Associate Professor, Psychology, Counseling

Years of Teaching Experience: 17

Education: B.S. and M.A. from Clarks Summit University; Ph.D. from Northcentral University

Hobbies: Board games with her kids, quilting, home improvement projects, volleyball

Recent Reads: “Gospel Conversations” by Bob Kelman, “New Morning Mercies” by Paul David Tripp

Favorite Classes to Teach: Biblical Theology of Counseling, Social Psychology, Marriage and Family

Little-Known Fact: She owns all the power tools in her house.

Family Influence: “God in His great mercy gave me an amazing husband. Without his support I never would have been successful in any of the things I’ve done outside the home. My family is the seat of some of my greatest joy in life and a constant reminder for my need for growth; they’re constantly spurring me on to know God better.”

What has Teaching Taught You? “I never want to stop learning. You can come up with a really great outline or PowerPoint for a class, but it doesn’t take long for it to get stale. And if you are disconnected from the passion that caused you to put it together in the first place, then it will never have the same power to your students. So, I never want to face a topic that I interact with without the freshness of its impact in my own life, because then it will have impact in the lives of others.”

Why Do You Teach? “I consider teaching a stewardship. I consider it an opportunity to be a conduit of God’s truth and grace in the lives of students. And the chance to see them grow in the knowledge of God and in their joy in serving Jesus gets me out of the bed in the morning.”

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