Who's got next in careers in education? We do!

Who's got next in careers in education? We do!

Clarks Summit University has alumni all over the world whom God works through in amazing ways, serving in careers in education. You’ll read about some of them in these stories. But there will come a time when they won’t be working their jobs anymore, whether due to a planned retirement or advancement to another position.

So, then what? Who’s got next?

The good news is this: God will continue His work. More CSU graduates will step up to fill valuable roles.

That’s precisely what CSU does: prepare the next generation to continue God’s work around the world in a large variety of paths, including careers in education. So when the question “Who’s got next?” comes up—there will always be someone to say, “I’ve got next.”

Dr. Chris Hobbs (’00)
Director of Athletics at King’s Academy, Florida

“If you understand God’s Word at a high level, then everything you do gets soaked in it.” That’s what Chris Hobbs, Ed.D., describes as a Christian’s “default setting.” And that’s what he thinks is needed in the next generation of coaches and teachers.

Hobbs is the director of athletics of the King’s Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he leads more than 70 coaches and staff members. An alumnus of CSU’s Health and Physical Education program, Hobbs holds advanced degrees from the United States Sports Academy and Liberty University. In 2018, he was named a Top 40 under 40 leader in Coach & AD Magazine and recognized by Varsity Brands Spirit Awards as the 2019 Athletic Director of the Year. Hobbs’ driving passion goes beyond putting numbers on the board; he wants to see the Word of God permeate education, right down to the lines on the court.

“Authentic pursuit of excellence is really best motivated by an authentic understanding of God’s Word and His unique design for each of us,” says Hobbs. “That’s the greatest motivation to be good at what you do.” He largely credits the CSU faculty and coaching staff for who he is today—specifically former head coach Mike Show, CSU’s recruitment and relations administrator. “I’d never met anyone that was so crazy passionate about the game of basketball, and was just as crazy passionate about their walk with the Lord…that just kind of put lightning in my veins in all the right ways.”

Hobbs says it’s that kind of coaching that really impacts students both on and off the court, in both public and private educational settings. “We need Christ followers everywhere,” he admits, especially in careers in education..

Athletics play a unique role in students’ lives—especially in a screen-saturated culture where sports may be the only place a student still has undivided attention to give. Hobbs believes the way to take advantage of that undivided attention is to be a person whose default setting is a biblical one. And that requires a deep and dynamic relationship with Christ and the Bible.

Kay Black (’15)
Fourth Grade Teacher at Academia Los Pinares, Honduras

“Education is the avenue I have to carry out the Great Commission, to love kids to Jesus…that to me is the most important part of teaching. The newest strategies for teaching reading are valuable, but if students aren’t loved well—especially in a world where many don’t receive love at home—the teachers are failing them.”

Elizabeth Sheddy (’12)
Teaches middle and high school English at St. John Neumann Regional Academy, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
She is pursuing her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at CSU.

“CSU is preparing me well for reaching students…in helping me to teach students as entire beings—not just academic, not just physical, not just spiritual, not just relational (Luke 2:52)…CSU is equipping me not only to encourage such growth in my students, but to model it for my students.”

“We need teachers who see their job as a ministry. We need teachers to be a light in the public schools. For some students, the Jesus they see through their teacher may be the only time they get to see that kind of love. We need teachers who will love these students and will live Christ in front of them every day.”
—Dr. Ritch Kelley, CSU’s Dean of the School of Education

Who’s got next in careers in education?

Undergraduate student Evan Rarick
Pursuing Bachelor of Science in Education, Health and Physical Education K-12

“CSU is preparing me for life after college by giving me biblical tools and principles to shape my life around that will make me a successful teacher and help me grow as a godly man. Also, the hands-on instruction and teaching is very engaging and makes you think outside of the box.”

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