Taking the Fast Track in Higher Education

Taking the Fast Track in Higher Education

High School Dual Enrollment

Lewis-Seneca-120x150Business Entrepreneur: Seneca Lewis

Seneca Lewis is a young, local entrepreneur who graduated in 2016 with an Associate in Business Administration. A homeschool student who studied college-level courses through CSU’s High School Dual Enrollment, Lewis opened her own photography business, Photography by Seneca, in 2010. The week before she graduated high school, she opened Seneca’s Bridal in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

“The two businesses fit perfectly together,” she says, “And through the business classes at CSU, I have learned how to manage what God has given me.” Lewis earned 20 college credits through dual enrollment during her senior year of high school. She admits, “Dual enrollment allowed me to have a head start on my degree and gave me more flexibility in my schedule.”
She is a leader for her church’s youth group and brought the group to both Launch and Teen Leadership Conference at CSU. Soon she will be going on her third mission trip to Liberia to use her passion for photography to help three non-profit organizations and work with Ebola survivors.

Seboe-120x150Prepared Students: Haley & Kira Seboe

Haley Seboe, a junior at CSU, took advantage of High School Dual Enrollment. “I realized that dual enrollment would be a great opportunity to continue advancing in high school while preparing for college and saving money,” she says. “Taking basic general education classes early on helped me prepare for on-campus classes.” She is the president of CSU’s Student Missions Fellowship, a resident assistant in Carter Hall and an Olympian leader at her local church.

Thanks to dual enrollment, Seboe’s sister Kira is starting her first year on campus with 14 college credits already under her belt. “I enjoyed the challenge of the college classes,” she explains. “And I feel it has helped prepare me for the classes I will take on campus this fall!”

The Seboe sisters were both homeschooled and reside in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.

Kosiorek-120x150Aspiring Leader: Caleb Kosiorek

Caleb Kosiorek is now a junior at CSU. Through most of his junior and senior years of high school, he was a dual-enrolled student, taking classes at CSU that fulfilled both high school and college credits simultaneously. Kosiorek has three brothers. Joshua also attended CSU. Daniel completed dual enrollment during both his junior and senior years of high school and is now a freshman at CSU. Michael, a high school junior, is starting dual enrollment this year. Kosiorek admits, “I was the dual enrollment guinea pig for my family. Since I tried it out and liked it, both of my brothers decided to do it as well.”

The Kosiorek family has seen great financial opportunity in CSU’s High School Dual Enrollment. Kosiorek explains, “It makes sense to take classes that count for both high school and college. It is a way to take college classes for a much cheaper price, and if you come here for school, you get your money back.”

Kosiorek served as CSU’s summer crew team leader. During the school year, he works in The Crag, a 60-foot climbing wall on campus. He’s also a resident assistant in Loescher Hall.

Fast Facts About High School Dual Enrollment

High-school juniors and seniors can take college-level classes from CSU on campus or online, allowing them to earn college credits while fulfilling high school academic requirements.

Save Money
The student’s cost will be fully reimbursed if he or she becomes an on-campus student at CSU. The reimbursement will be doubled if his or her GPA is 3.5 or better!

Save Time
Dual Enrollment will shorten the time needed to attain a degree. Take a single class or several, up to 60 credits.

Gain Experience
Dual-enrolled students gain valuable experience in higher-level learning, which reflects well on resumés and college applications and prepares them for collegiate academics.

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