September Internship Report - Alexander Noriega

September Internship Report - Alexander Noriega

Northmoreland Baptist Church, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

Ministry Highlights

It was very encouraging to be a part of the ministry booth we had at a local county fair. The purpose of the booth is to give people a place to rest, drink some water and converse. I was surprised at how many people were so willing to share their lives with me, as well as how many were open to talking about God and the Gospel. It was a huge blessing to have that opportunity, and I want more like it!

Being able to help locate a distributor for cards and flyers has been pretty cool. I’ve also been able to help develop a business card for the church, and it’s easy enough for anyone to pick up and learn. That way when I leave, the church won’t be left hanging! We’re all pretty excited to have a business card to be able to hand out and make connections .

It has been great getting to know more of the members through visits, prayer meetings and word of mouth. I’m learning more of the history that is here in Northmoreland, and it’s pretty great. There are a lot of faithful prayer warriors here and many people who are serving our church outside of Sundays. It’s cool to see the behind-the-scenes people at work!

Key Prayer Requests

Now that my first project has started up, I’m learning that things aren’t always so nice and structured for plans. A lot of stuff for my project got moved up by necessity, and it was a bit stressful at first. I can use prayer on this front that even though responsibilities can shift or pile up, I need to stay calm and prioritize what needs be done.

There are times where temptation strikes regarding purity in my thoughts. Prayer for continued victory would be greatly appreciated.

My friend Ciara has had a rough couple of weeks with health, work, family and spiritual growth. She’s been pretty overwhelmed by the seemingly constant stream of trials, so please keep her in your prayers for continued dependence upon God during this period of trials in her life. She’s striving to follow God, but the emotional and mental strain does take a toll on her.

Prominent Lessons

Evangelism can often be a scary thought to us, yet it is a lot easier than we make think it is. If I didn’t go and try, I wouldn’t have known how easy it was.

I don’t know everything; and in times where I don’t feel things are getting done like I think they should be, I need to stop and think through the leader’s thought process behind things.

If I want growth in any given area of spiritual weakness in my life, I need to be willing to “cut off my hand/pluck out my eye.” What can I do or give up in order to see growth in my spiritual life?

Key Goals for the Next Month

At least 75 percent of project one complete.

Having passages chosen for my two sermons in November, as well as titles and outlines.

Sermons backlogged for site uploads loaded on the new website.

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