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Master of Theology

The Master of Theology program at Baptist Bible Seminary prepares men for pastoral leadership and academic research through deep and practical study. The 32-credit hour Th.M. is built on the learning and experience of the M.Div. and allows students to develop a greater proficiency in a selected area of Bible knowledge.

The Th.M. courses parallel the foundational work in the first half of the Doctor of Philosophy program. A student holding the Th.M. degree may go on to complete the remaining credits for the Doctor of Philosophy. Having already written the master’s thesis, the doctoral dissertation must also be completed for the Ph.D.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Efficiency in studying and researching the Scriptures.
  • Superior skills for theological and biblical language research.
  • A heart for God and a passion for teaching his people.

The Th.M. is a non-resident program offered in a combination of online and on-campus formats. Learn more about program delivery here.

Learn more about Financial Aid here.

To study in the Th.M. program, apply for the Ph.D. program. You may use the doctoral forms available through the Apply Now.

Course List

Master of Theology courses parallel the foundational work in the first half of the Doctor of Philosophy program. The Th.M. program requires a concluding master’s thesis.

Core areas of study in the Th.M. emphasize hermeneutics, exegesis, and teaching methods. The 32-credit program includes 12 elective credits and a three-credit Th.M. thesis.

Courses in the Master of Theology Program Include:

  • BI1 Advanced Bible Teaching and Communication Methods – 3 credits
  • OT1 Seminar in OT Hermeneutics & Exegetical Method – 3 credits
  • NT1 Seminar in NT Hermeneutics & Exegetical Method – 3 credits
  • TH1 Seminar in Advanced Theological Method – 3 credits
  • Two Core Classes in Emphasis
    (3 credits each) – 6 credits
  • Two Elective classes in Emphasis 
    (3 credits each) – 6 credits
  • One Ministry Philosophy Course
    (either MP1, MP2, or MP3) – 3 credits
    MP1 Developing Effective Leadership Skills
    MP2 The Centrality of the Scriptures in Ministry
    MP3 Current Trends in Global Ministry
  • PH11 Interdisciplinary Seminar & Communication Practicum – 1 credit
  • PH12 Interdisciplinary Seminar & Communication Practicum – 1 credit
  • MT902 Th.M. Thesis – 3 credits

For details on program requirements, please review the current catalog.

Formats and Features

The Master of Theology is available in flexible formats, working with your schedule. Your Th.M. degree may be completed in a hybrid format, combining both online courses and one-week, on-campus classes. Classes meet weekly throughout the semester, breaking for modules and holidays.

Th.M. Requirements

Baptist Bible Seminary exists to train students in biblical doctrines and Scriptural applications for excellence in leadership. BBS is open to all men and women desiring to grow their faith and enhance their ministry in an academic setting.
The Master of Theology (Th.M.) degree is built on the learning and experience of the Master of Divinity, requiring an M.Div. for admission. Your M.Div. must be from an accredited institution and must have included biblical language studies. Your previous master’s-level studies must exhibit a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, demonstrating excellent study skills and academic readiness for the program.
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