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Doctor of Ministry

Develop your critical thinking and excel in biblical leadership with Baptist Bible Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry degree. Built on a strong theological foundation, the advanced professional education program focuses on practical aspects of leadership in global ministry, para-church and counseling ministries.

With a Doctor of Ministry, you will be able to analyze and meet the biblical needs of the people in your ministry setting. With the theological strength and biblical tools, you will develop a thorough ministry philosophy to maximize your effectiveness in ministry.

Depending on your background and previous theological education, the program may require either 28 or 34 credit hours. Choose one of five concentrations to customize your education for your specific ministry needs. 

Select a Doctor of Ministry Concentration

You will be equipped and assisted in expositing, teaching and preaching the Scriptures for today’s cultural needs in your ministry. Skills for clarity, energy and connection will be developed and honed in addition to excellent biblical study and research. Church education and discipling will be explored, helping you motivate and develop lay leaders within the church.

You will explore theories, philosophies and methods of counseling in the Leadership in Counseling and Spiritual Development concentration. You will gain biblical perspectives and teaching to help you develop your personal understanding of God-honoring counseling in the local church.

Benefit from an emphasis on sharing the gospel in cross-cultural settings in the global ministry concentration. The program will equip you with tools for developing outreach strategies and administrative skills for leading, preparing and supervising lay leaders in evangelism around the globe.

You will address the theoretical, conceptual and practical elements of pastoral leadership. In addition to further developing your philosophical basis for ministry, you will deepen your discipling skills in order to grow other leaders. Your goals, vision and strategies will be evaluated and sharpened for full effectiveness in your ministry.

The theological studies concentration prepares you for ministry leadership through courses that utilize literal hermeneutics and examine current theological issues. The program helps you philosophically and biblically evaluate any issue that confronts local church leaders and members.

Core Courses

  • Developing Effective Leadership Skills

  • Current Trends in Global Ministry

  • The Centrality of Scripture in Ministry

Flexible Format

Complete this non-residential program in one-week, on-campus modules backed by additional study wherever it is most convenient for you. Select classes are available online.

This flexibility allows you to continue in your current ministry while you pursue the degree that can further your ministry.

The program is expected to be completed in six years. Special permission may be granted for extensions on an individual basis for extenuating circumstances.

You’ll Benefit from Experienced Professors

You’ll learn under faculty members who are passionate about helping you prepare theologically with an effective ministry mindset. These professors not only bring a high level of scholarship and the highest academic credentials; each one also has significant experience in churches and ministry settings. This allows you to strategically gain wisdom from the Word of God, to correctly handle the Word of God and to use discernment in your life-long learning and future ministry. You’ll be a part of a genuine community—both on campus and online. Our faculty have lived ministry, have a love for ministry, and they strive to pass on that love of ministry to students like you.

Customizing Classes to Reach Your Goals

To make your BBS education as practical as possible, the unique learning contract is a part of the tailoring and customization of your doctoral study.

For each class, you will meet with your professor to outline your educational goals for the program. It gives you the power to decide the focus of coursework for each class. This will help you develop your dissertation project through each course.

Dissertation Project

Your dissertation is written toward the purpose and nature of your specific ministry. At BBS, your seminary study will equip you for greater service and focus for the rest of your career. Your program director will work with you to develop your project. Types of projects include:

  • Ministry Analysis Dissertation Project includes four major areas of study: analyze an aspect of your ministry, communicate ministry philosophy, develop the biblical rationale of the ministry and develop a strategy to improve some part of the ministry.
  • Educational Program Dissertation helps you develop curriculum for your ministry. It has four major areas of study: student/ministry analysis, educational philosophy, biblical/theological foundation and curriculum development.
  • Training Manual Dissertation Project helps you prepare a training manual for your ministry setting. It has four major areas of study: student/ministry analysis, educational philosophy, biblical/theological foundation and curriculum development.
  • Writing Project Format Dissertation Project helps you develop a topic for publication. It has four major areas of study: audience analysis, writing philosophy, biblical/theological foundation and writing project development.


Baptist Bible Seminary exists to train students in biblical doctrines and Scriptural applications for excellence in leadership. BBS is open to all men and women desiring to grow their faith and deepen their ministry in an academic setting.

The standard requirement for Doctor of Ministry programs is a 94-credit Master of Divinity from an accredited seminary or graduate school. However, BBS recognizes the need for flexibility and individualization in training programs. We will work with your background and previous theological education to help you reach your educational goals. You may be able to step into the Doctor of Ministry program with a Master of Arts, Master of Religious Education or Master of Ministry.

You must have earned a grade point average of 3.0 in all graduate studies to enter the Doctor of Ministry. program. In addition to at least three years of full-time experience in ministry, you must submit two recommendations from peers who are in position to evaluate your ministry.

A self-evaluation of your ministry must be submitted along with a statement of purpose in pursuing doctoral study. Transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work must also be submitted. You also may be requested to complete the Graduate Record Examination or other exams by the Doctor of Ministry Admissions Committee.

The general requirements for entrance as a student into Baptist Bible Seminary apply to all doctoral students, as listed in the Baptist Bible Seminary catalog.

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