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Spring 2018

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A Biblical and Theological Examination of the Glory of God Bruce A. Baker

The Glory of God and Dispensationalism: Revisiting the Sine Qua Non of Dispensationalism Douglas Brown

Solie deo Gloria as Pinnacle of Dispensationaism’s Sine Qua Non Christopher Cone

Israel’s Relationship with the Glory of God in Psalms Mark McGinniss

Prophetic Hope in the Writings of Arno C. Gaebelein: A possible Demonstration of the Doxological Purpose of Biblical History Mike Stallard

The Glory of God in the Book of Jude: A Defense of Ryrie’s Third Point in the Sine Qua Non of Dispensationalism Dan Wiley

Imprisoned for the Glory of God: Considering Ryrie’s Third Aspect of the Sine Qua Non of Dispensationalism in Paul’s Prison Letters Wayne Slusser

A Biblical and Theological Overview of God’s Glory through the Institutions of Government and Church to Demonstrate the Not-Yet View of the Kingdom-Age David Mappes

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Fall 2018 Read the Entire Fall 2018 JMAT

Reflections on “Baptism Now Saves Us” in 1 Peter 3:21 Mike Stallard

Jesus Stills the Storm (Mark 4:35—41) Wayne Slusser

A New Year Prayer: When the New Year May not be Any Better than the Old Year Mark McGinniss

The Forest and the Trees: A Method of Discourse Analysis and Application to the Epistle of Jude Todd T. Bolton

Enter: The Dragon Exegesis of Revelation 12:1—6 Michael Dellaperute

How Prophetic is Biblical Prophecy? An Evaluation of Sandy’s View of Prophecy as Described in Plowshares & Pruning Hooks Joseph Parle

Repent and Believe the Gospel A. Moises Zumaeta

Sports, the Word & Dr. Arp Paul Golden

Book Reviews

Dissertation of Defences

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