Hired. CSU Grads Get to Work

Hired. CSU Grads Get to Work

When students graduate from Clarks Summit University, they leave with the knowledge and skills needed to creatively and confidently serve Christ in their ministries and careers. Read on, and meet seven recent graduates who have already been hired in their field of study or accepted into graduate programs.

Ferbrache-120x150Joanna Ferbrache (’15)

Studied: Communications-Theatre and Early Childhood Education
Hired: Performance Roles with Bright Star Touring Theatre Company, Asheville, North Carolina; Dixon Entertainment, Chicago, Illinois, and National Theatre of Children, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“My goal in my art is to share messages in life. I want people to be entertained, but I also want there to be something that can be learned from the stories I share through my acting.”

Smalley-120x150Amber Smalley (’16)

Studied: Pre-Physical Therapy
Hired: Physical Therapist Aid at Hamilton Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, Hamilton, New York

“I get to work with an amazing team of physical therapists. I also get to build relationships with the patients. I have even been able to talk to some about Christ!”

Kochanek-120x150Allyson Kochanek (’16)

Studied: Communications-Theatre
Accepted: Master of Fine Arts Candidate (in makeup and wig design) at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“A blank face is my canvas. Acting is far more than pretending, it is embodying and pouring oneself into a character. As a believer in this vast world of arts, I have a tremendous privilege and responsibility to show the light of Christ through my creative process and my personal life.”

Divakar-120x150Jesse Divakar (’13)

Studied: Health Science and Pre-Physical Therapy
Accepted: Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Southwest Baptist University
Hired: Physical Therapist at Sai Rehab, Macon, Georgia

“I’ve been in and made it out of the trenches of pain and great physical limitations with my patients. This has forged a bond of mutual trust and respect that has allowed me to be a witness for Christ. Jesus addressed the physical needs of the people as well as the spiritual; I’m just trying to follow His example for the furtherance of the gospel.”

Klotzbach-120x150Kim Klotzbach (’16)

Studied: Office Administration
Hired: Administrative Assistant at Stockdale Financial Group, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

“I love my job because it gives me the chance to interact with people and give them assistance with their financial needs.”

Zagorodey-120x150Amy Zagorodny (’16)

Studied: Business Administration, Biology and Specialized Ministries
Hired: Laboratory Technician, Pharmacist and Animal Handler at The Colchester Veterinary Hospital, Colchester, Connecticut

“I have always loved animals and wanted to work with them. For me, there is so much satisfaction in helping animals and people together.”

FUnkhouser-120x150Brett Funkhouser (’15)

Studied: Counseling
Hired: Direct Care Staff Member at Shelterwood Academy, Independence, Missouri. He directly supervises and mentors at-risk youth.

“I get paid to hang with teenagers and help them grow in life!”


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