Grace Dyson: Career Planning with a Purpose

Grace Dyson: Career Planning with a Purpose

“God is not against planning, only against planning and preparation that leaves Him out,” says Grace Dyson, founder of Life Design Careers, Inc. As a Clarks Summit University trustee, she uses her experience to benefit students.

Career Coaching

Dyson, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, worked for CNN/Turner Broadcasting for 33 years where her leadership positions cultivated a desire to help develop people. “I wanted to help people move forward in their careers by aligning their personality, gifts, talents and interests with specific roles in the organization,” she shares. When Dyson left Turner Broadcasting, she wanted to help young people and their parents uncover their life purpose. She obtained her associate coach certification with International Coach Federation, and Life Design Careers, Inc. was born. Life Design Careers provides several resources, including career coaching for individuals and groups, career assessments and consultations, career training, workshops and retreats.

Dyson cites Ephesians 2:10, in affirming that every believer is created for good works. “The problem is that many of us don’t know how to determine what those personalized good works are,” she admits. “Coaching can be extremely beneficial for the believer because we aren’t just dealing solely with career choices, but with how God created us and designed us for roles in building the kingdom. A believer’s life is designed to glorify God.”

Serving Students

Dyson’s position as a CSU trustee since 2015 has allowed her to invest in students’ lives. “I knew it was part of the work God called me to do in helping develop young people,” she states. “CSU is doing God’s work in the world by preparing students, and I am honored to be a part of that process by serving on the Board and helping students move forward.”

In addition to Dyson’s career and ministry, she has also written “Lifebook! Picks Up Where The Baby Book Leaves Off.” Designed to be a life purpose workbook, Dyson wrote it to “encourage parents and young people to keep track of those stories, events and activities that uncover gifts, talents and abilities.”

Dyson encourages college students to remember that their career begins with a commitment to Jesus Christ. To prepare for the future, she urges them to take advantage of college career services, to get counsel and to set up informational interviews with people in interesting careers. “You are developing relationships for the future. One of the most valuable things people can give you is their time and the benefit of their expertise. I cannot tell you how beneficial this process will be for you.”

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-Haley Seboe is a Writing-Communications major from Tunkhannock, PA, and plans to graduate in 2018.

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