Dual-Enrolled Students use Homecoming Fundraiser as Education Experience

Dual-Enrolled Students use Homecoming Fundraiser as Education Experience

On Oct. 8, alumni, parents and students will join together on the Clarks Summit University campus to celebrate Block Party Saturday, part of Homecoming Week. The Block Party, which takes place outside Jackson Hall from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., will feature foods and apparel sold by residence halls, sports teams and school clubs. This year, students participating in High School Dual-Enrollment will host their own fundraising booth at the event, which doubles as a marketing and business learning experience.

A Ministry Experience

CSU’s High School Dual Enrollment program allows high school juniors and seniors to simultaneously complete high school graduation requirements while taking college classes at a discounted price. One of these courses is taught by James May (’92, ’99), who also serves as the regional press director for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Introduction to business management and communication is a two-credit college level class specifically for dual-enrolled high school students. May says, “We use three business ventures as the laboratory for learning effective communication, business management, leadership and teambuilding.” The class grew out of a Bible study that May and his wife started for homeschoolers. As the father of two children who completed High School Dual Enrollment, he considers teaching the class as a ministry to students and their families. In addition to teaching, he and his wife have also organized multiple trips for homeschoolers, including a mission trip to Ecuador and educational field trips to Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Virginia and New York City.

A Leadership Experience

The 13 students taking the class are planning a homecoming booth fundraiser to raise money to attend the Disney Leadership Program in Florida. The students will be selling Christmas Cookie Vouchers, which allow parents and alumni to order a plate of cookies to be delivered to the student of their choice during finals week. In addition to the homecoming booth, students will be learning how to create an online forum for purchasing cookie vouchers.

A Practical Learning Experience

This business venture is planned and run entirely by students in the class, including Vanessa Monaghan. As a junior in high school, she enjoys the class because of the opportunities it gives her to gain marketing and management experience. “I like learning how to run a business and working with people. I’m learning teamwork and how to take responsibility,” says Monaghan. She is taking this course in addition to her regular high school classes and plans to attend CSU after graduation.

– Haley Seboe

Seboe is a junior in the writing communication program from Tunkhannock, PA. A former dual-enrolled student, she plans to graduate in the fall  of 2017.

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