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Literature (Bachelor of Arts)

The elegance of literature is a testament to God as creator of all things beautiful. In the Literature major, you will develop a deep appreciation for and understanding of the Bible as both divine truth and literary masterpiece. You will study classical and contemporary works of art, learning history through the eyes of authors around the world. Through a variety of art and literature courses, and professors who are passionate about worshiping God through the arts, you will be well-prepared for graduate study and a broad range of careers.

Ignite Your Mind.

You are a reader. Your bookshelves are full of both light and heavy reading materials. You love to analyze what authors have written. You read to think and to be entertained. You enjoy thinking deeply about things that matter. The literary arts offer you a solace to reflect and worship, drawing you closer to God. Pursue your love for literature, and get the training you need to use the written word to glorify God through your career.

Quick Facts about CSU’s Literature Program

You will Learn to…

  • Interpret literature literally, grammatically and historically
  • Think and communicate effectively
  • Analyze literature through a biblical worldview
  • Read and study some of the world’s greatest literature

You will Leave Clarks Summit University with…

  • Understanding of a biblical philosophy of literature
  • A broad knowledge of classical and contemporary literature
  • Well-developed skills for further education
  • Experience in research and literary criticism

You Could be a…

  • Writer or Author
  • Librarian
  • Teacher or Professor (with further education) 

Courses Include…

  • Studies in Dramatic Literature
  • Selected Works of Shakespeare
  • The Short Story
  • Introduction to Poetry
  • Studies in the Novel
  • Themes in Adolescent Literature and Film
  • Survey of Biblical Themes
  • Advanced Expository and Criticism
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