Counseling (Bachelor of Science)

Today’s world desperately needs biblically grounded counselors. Our Counseling program equips you to counsel in a professional setting, using the Word of God as the focus, filter and foundation of all your studies. You will learn how to communicate clearly to enable real change. You will study under experienced professors who are nationally certified counselors.

Use Truth to Change Lives.

You have a heart for the hurting. People often come to you, and you enjoy listening to others’ stories. You are intrigued by personal dynamics and human development, and you want to help others become who God desires them to be. You are passionate about helping people, and your greatest joy is seeing them making positive life changes.

Quick Facts about CSU’s Counseling Program

  • 123 credits
  • The Counseling major prepares you for further study in counseling and pursue licensure
  • An internship is encouraged
  • Dual enrollment in Clarks Summit University’s Master of Science in Counseling gives you a head start on graduate work, giving you the ability to earn two degrees simultaneously
  • The Foundations Christian Counseling Center on campus will be a training ground in real counseling observation and experience

You will Learn to…

  • Treat mental, emotional and physical disorders
  • Discern between secular philosophy and biblical truth
  • Provide age-appropriate counsel and support in multiple settings
  • Interact with sensitive subjects in a composed manner
  • Lead counseling organizations with biblical and ethical standards

You will Leave Clarks Summit University with…

  • Solid biblical philosophies of counseling and psychology
  • Valuable listening and interpersonal skills
  • Practical tools and techniques for professional and peer counseling
  • Strong educational foundations for graduate school and licensure

You Could be a…

  • Therapeutic Staff Support Worker
  • School Counselor
  • Rehabilitation Director
  • Social Worker
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Substance Abuse or Behavioral Disorder Specialist

Courses Include…

  • Introduction to Counseling
  • Adolescent and Adult Psychology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Marriage and Family Dynamics
  • Personality Theory
  • Social Psychology
  • Tests and Measurements
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