COVID-19 Reopening FAQs

COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

(UPDATED 7/21/2020)

At a time when things are changing rapidly around the globe, we understand that providing you with accurate and up-to-date information is important. We also understand that these rapid changes mean that new questions will arise and we will continue to update this page as needed.

CSU’s response team is actively monitoring information and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We will be updating this page as new information becomes available. The health and safety of our students, employees and the greater community is paramount.

Thank you for your prayers and patience as we work together to navigate this unique time together.

For additional questions and concerns not addressed here, please email

CSU COVID-19 updates:

General Questions

Q: Is the university closed?
A: Employees are working remotely, and regular hours remain Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Employees are planning to return to their offices on August 14, 2020. On-campus classes are scheduled to begin for the fall semester on Monday, August 24, 2020.

Q: What can I do to protect myself?
A: Please find information from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention as well as the “Health and  Safety Resources” tab.

Q: Can CSU guarantee that I won’t be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 on campus?
A: No community or institution can eliminate all risk of exposure to COVID-19; however, the Safe on the Summit plan uses strategies recommended by the CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the PA Department of Health as best practices to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Please see the “Health and Safety Resources” tab to learn steps you can personally take to lower your risk.

Q: How can I stay up to date on emerging announcements?
A: General information is posted at Student-specific information will be communicated via Schoology, Remind and/or student CSU email account. Please check all of these regularly.

Q: What is CSU using to create these guidelines?
A. All CSU policies are guided by and comply with recommendations for higher education by the CDC, the PA Department of Health and the PA Department of Education.

Academic Questions

Q: What will my course schedule look like?
A: All of your residential courses will be delivered in a hybrid format, combining face-to-face and remote instruction. For each three-credit class, two hours of instruction each week will be in the classroom, and one hour each week will be delivered remotely. (You can find your course schedule through your student Portal.)  This will reduce the face-to-face time for each class by using remote tools to insure high-quality instruction. It also allows us to utilize our classroom space to the fullest extent while we practice the recommended in-classroom physical distancing.

Q: What happens with my academic responsibilities if I become infected with COVID-19 or have to self-quarantine during this period?
A: Online and residential students, please communicate with your professors if you are physically unable to complete coursework due to COVID-19 or other health issues. They will be sensitive to your health needs and will work with you on a plan related to academics. You also need to contact the Academic Office ( to make them aware of your situation regarding COVID-19 issues you are experiencing. Please find the new COVID-19 Class Attendance policy.

Q. Will we be sent home early and need to switch to campus-wide remote learning again?
A: CSU plans to complete the entire semester on campus as scheduled. However, we cannot predict the future, and issues like this have the potential to remain outside of our control. Therefore,  a remote delivery option has been created for each course. This option can be implemented in case remote delivery is necessary for an individual and/or campus-wide at any point in the semester due to COVID-19. Again, we do plan to complete the entire semester on campus as scheduled.

Residential Questions

Q. What do I need to do before I arrive on campus?
A: Please read the section “Before I arrive to campus” on the “On-Campus Students” page.

Q. What will move-in look like?
A: According to guidance from the CDC, a phased approach to student arrival and move-in is recommended. We are able to make small adjustments to our regular move-in approach to help the process go as safely and smoothly as possible. Please find more about the phased-approach move-in dates and what to expect when you arrive on campus to move in on the “Arriving on Campus” section on the “On-Campus Students” page.

Q. Do I need to bring my own health supplies and PPE?
A: You do need to bring face coverings. You might want to consider bringing other supplies such as a digital thermometer, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for personal use. (Sanitizing cleaner and no-touch thermometers are provided for general residence hall use, and hand sanitizer will be available in public areas across campus. Consider bringing other items if you would like additional supplies for your residence hall room or your own personal use.)

Q. What will on-campus dining look like?
A: Plans for on-campus dining are being developed and will meet or exceed guidelines set by the CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Is everything going to be the same as it was before we left when we return to campus for the fall 2020 semester?
A: Simply put, our world is experiencing differences in many aspects of life due to COVID-19. At CSU, you will notice many proactive ways in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. Some of those changes are physically visible on campus, such as partitions, physical distancing floor stickers and an abundance of hand sanitizer. Your course schedule is different than usual, and you’ll see differences in your on-campus dining, too. Although life at CSU, and life just about everywhere, is looking different than usual, at our core, CSU will remain the same. You will still be welcomed warmly as a part of the CSU family; you’ll still build relationships with friends and mentors, and you’ll still receive high-quality preparation for your career through a Bible-centered education.

Q. Will we still have athletics?
A: CSU participates in NCAA Division III Colonial States Athletic Conference, and we will be following NCAA and CSAC guidelines regarding athletic contests. The conference has suspended all intercollegiate competition for the Fall 2020 season. A final decision on the possibility of future intercollegiate competition for fall sports, including the possibility of conducting fall intercollegiate competition in Spring 2021, as well as a plan for intercollegiate competition for winter sports, will be made by the end of September. Find the full announcement at

Q. With changes to CSAC athletics, will I lose a season of eligibility?
A: No, your eligibility will not be affected by the July 21,  2020, CSAC announcement about suspending the Fall 2020 athletic season.

Q: Will typically held, public on-campus events take place?
A: Updates on events that are typically open to the public will be communicated on the “Event Updates” page as information becomes available.

Q: What will Student Leadership Council activities look like?
A: All non-instructional gatherings will follow guidelines outlined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Q. When will I need to wear a face covering?
A: Students and employees are expected to follow guidelines in place from the Centers for Disease Control and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Q. I have more questions. What is the plan for…?

A: Because of the unique, rapidly changing nature of COVID-19 and corresponding guidelines, detailed plans for physically distancing, travel, visitors and care for students with confirmed cases will be released at a later date. Employees and students will follow the recommended guidelines from the CDC, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education as they pertain to these and other items regarding health and safety.

Additional Questions and Updates

Please email with questions and concerns not addressed here.

COVID-19 updates:

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