Considering Christian Colleges? Why You Should Go to a Bible College

Why choose a Bible college

Bible colleges are faith-practicing Christian colleges that educate students from a biblical perspective, adhering to the belief that the Bible is the best foundation on which to develop values and build knowledge.

As you consider where to go to school, there are just so many options. As a Christian, you might decide you should go to a Christian college. But does that narrow it down enough? 

Not as much as you might think!

As of 2015, there were about 600 Christian universities in the U.S. That’s not even counting how many have opened since.

Ultimately, your decision on which Christian college to attend will be based on both goals (what career path are you seeking?) and values (will my education truly be Christ-centered?).

Why Christian colleges?

Attending a Christian college means learning in an environment integrated with your faith. The two are inseparable. It’s not just school. It’s preparation for your entire life to come.

Focusing on Christ

Your goal is higher than getting a good job. You want to apply your faith. That’s why coursework taught from a Christ-centered worldview is so valuable.

Building a Life of Purpose

In a Christ-centered educational environment, you’ll be equipped to translate your desire to follow God’s Word into your career, serving Christ in a variety of professional fields.

Community of Faith

On a Christian college campus, you’ll find a sense of community with others who share your values. You will be able to disciple others, and faculty and staff members will disciple you. The value of this support, the “sharpening” and encouragement of one another, can’t be understated.

Faith-based Service

You’ll find many opportunities to connect with organizations, campus ministries and local churches that perform community service. When you go off campus with these groups, you’ll do so under the banner of Christ and offer encouragement in His name.

Again, that’s what you should expect from a Christian school. However, it’s important to understand that some schools are more “Christian” in name than in practice. Many may have been founded on Christian principles—and welcome Christians, of course—but no longer put an emphasis on biblical teaching and practices.

Why choose a Bible college?

Bible colleges are far more likely to adhere to biblical principles in the way the school is governed and in the way classes are taught. These are communities of faith that generally agree on biblical principles. 

Support from Professors

A Bible college’s primary goal is to prepare students for life with a biblical foundation with support from professors who teach every class from a biblical worldview. They are there not only to instruct but to disciple students to become more mature followers of Jesus.

Bible Study

Bible colleges make studying the Bible part of the curriculum. Courses cover relevant industry tools and best practices for a variety of careers, and students also take courses centered on the study of the Bible—the Book God gave us to prepare us for a Christ-centered life. 

Solid Biblical Foundation

In addition to the core Christian idea that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and by believing in Him we are saved, Bible college communities tend to agree that:

  1. The Bible is authoritative. As the Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:16-17: “All Scripture is God-breathed” and useful to equip us for good works.
  2. Evangelism is essential. Obedience to Christ means telling others about Him. Because when others hear about and accept Him, they too receive the gift of eternal life.

The above list isn’t everything, of course. But it should give you the idea that these are schools that value both the pursuit of biblical truth and the practice of following Jesus in every area of life. 

Why choose Clarks Summit University?

Preparing Christ-centered, career-ready graduates has been the focus of CSU since 1932

  • We believe that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and the foundation for all understanding. That’s why every student graduates with a double major in Biblical Studies and their chosen career field.
  • Our learning community is dedicated to preparing students to serve the world in the name of Jesus Christ. Students can expect professors, coaches and peers to build into students and encourage them to grow their relationship with Christ. 
  • There is no greater pursuit here than to love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Daily chapel services, an intentional residence hall life, discipleship opportunities and the availability of Christian counseling to help you with career planning and life’s challenges make that abundantly clear.

The reason to go to a school like this is pretty simple, really.


Universities can be big, impersonal places where you feel lost in the crowd. So it’s the intimacy—smaller class sizes, how easy it is to connect with faculty and administrators, the way you run into friends on campus at every turn—that’s a big part of what draws students to Christian colleges. 

These friendships with peers and professors who love God and want to see you grow in Christ can make all the difference during your collegiate experience, and for a lifetime after graduation. And while you’re here, you’re building a biblical foundation for life, while you’re preparing to excel in your career.

And a home-grown Bible college like CSU creates that kind of environment. 

It’s kind of like your home church: a place where you can build relationships, learn and enjoy life as you grow in Christ. A place where your heart confirms you’re home.

Ready to learn more? Contact us. Discover why Clarks Summit may be your perfect match.


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