Increasing Effectiveness as a Curriculum Leader


Increasing Effectiveness as a Curriculum Leader

Tuesday, March 21  |  7-8 p.m. EST

Increasing Effectiveness as a Curriculum Leader
Join us for “Increasing Effectiveness as a Curriculum Leader”

In an ever-changing world of education, a foundational worldview of curriculum is essential. In this virtual workshop, educators will focus on the important elements of curriculum development and the assessment cycle. Because curriculum encompasses the entire responsibility of a school, all members of the education team should be equipped to participate in curriculum development. Learn alongside experienced educators as you’re reminded of the importance of curriculum development and take away tools and strategies to implement at your school.


Dr. Janet Hicks

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences  |  Professor, English and Communications

A highly qualified and respected educator, Dr. Janet Hicks has been a pillar of Clarks Summit University’s English and Communications department with decades of experience teaching in secondary and collegiate levels. Dr. Hicks is a commissioner for the Association for Biblical Higher Education, as well as a member of the National Council of Teachers of English and the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators. She believes teaching is not just a career, but a ministry. 

M.Ed., Clarks Summit University
M.S., Buffalo State University
Ed.D., Binghamton University

Dr. Ritch Kelley

Dean, School of Education  |  Director, School of Education Graduate Programs  |  Department Chair, Secondary Programs and K-12 Programs  |  Professor, Teacher Education–PreK-4th, PreK-12, 7-12

Dr. Ritchie Kelley has been teaching future educators for over 20 years at Clarks Summit University. Kelley has experience in elementary classrooms, administration, literacy and curriculum development, as well as teacher supervision and certification preparation. His extensive experience in his field has given him a wealth of knowledge that he joyfully shares with the students under his tutelage.

M.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University
D.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University

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