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Ways to Give

Christ is at the center of everything we do at CSU.

Right now, we are preparing a new generation of Christian leaders to influence others to follow Christ.

We need your help to enable more students to come to Clarks Summit University and financially afford to stay in school.

Your gifts make an immediate, practical effect in lowering the cost of education for students. Gifts also provide for other needs that are part of the quality, biblical education our students receive at Clarks Summit University.

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Giving Options

The Summit Fund

The Summit Fund benefits every student, every day, providing many essential needs and scholarships for people preparing to serve Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for donors who love our students and our mission to put Christ at the center of everything we do here at Clarks Summit University. Those donors include Clarks Summit University’s Board of Trustees, alumni, grandparents and parents of students and alumni, employees, businesses, churches and friends.

To give now, click here, and select “The Summit Fund” as your designation.

Annual Scholarships

Because of generous donors like you, we are privileged to award scholarships to students to continue their CSU education.

Friends and alumni can create a scholarship in honor or memory of a loved one by establishing the scholarship name, award criteria and funding method. Annual scholarships make a significant difference by reducing the education costs of Clarks Summit University students.

To explore the possibilities of establishing a scholarship, contact the development office at 570.585.9403.

Ken and Eleanor Mosher Alumni Scholarship

CSU’s alumni scholarship is named in honor of long-time CSU employees, Coachie Mo and his wife Eleanor. The Moshers served faithfully and impacted the lives of countless students and alumni.

To contribute to this scholarship, select it on the giving page.

For questions regarding giving and supporting CSU students, contact the development office at 570.585.9403.

Student Leadership Council (SLC)

Support the initiatives and projects of the Student Leadership Council when you give. Your gift provides special opportunities for community and connection for students that are planned and led by the SLC.

To contribute to, please select “Student Leadership Council” on the giving page.

For questions regarding giving and supporting CSU students, contact the development office at 800.451.8668 or 570.585.9403.

Planned Giving

The BBC Foundation can help you make an eternal difference for Jesus Christ by investing in future ministry leaders. The Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization aligned with Clarks Summit University. Investors represent alumni, friends, grandparents of alumni and donors.

Gifts of cash, real estate, appreciated securities like stocks and bonds, retirement assets and beneficiary designations through bequests and life insurance may be donated to Clarks Summit University.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy by helping students and also acquiring additional income, please call 570.585.9403 or email

Shop to Give

Give to Clarks Summit University while doing your regular shopping.

Shop at AmazonSmile to enjoy the same Amazon shopping experience, and Amazon will donate part of the purchase price to Clarks Summit University.

Bookmark the link for shopping Amazon Smile to benefit our school, and support CSU students every time you shop.

Leave your Legacy

You can choose financial vehicles that can ensure your legacy is perpetuated and simultaneously offer you potential income while you need it.

The interest rates can be attractive; the end results can be eternal!

Contact us at 570.585.9403 or to discuss your options.

BBC Foundation

Alumni group

Simply put, BBC Foundation can help you make an eternal difference for Christ.

As professionals’ proficient in business, finance and ministry, we help individuals like you reach their short- and long-term lifetime legacy goals.

We can help you use a range of financial planning options that can provide both an income for you and a legacy to students.

How can it Help me Make a Difference?

There are many ways you can make an impact in the lives of others.

Spiritually Impact Your Family
Create an estate plan that protects your family and leaves a portion of your estate to future ministry leaders. Creating a legacy for your family through estate planning can have long-term benefits and allow you to give now and give again later.

The Summit Fund
The Summit Fund benefits every student, every day, providing many essential needs and scholarships for people preparing to serve Jesus Christ. This fund enables our students to pay less, making their education more affordable. Your gift will help students afford to start or continue their Christ-centered education and go on to serve in careers and ministries around the globe.

Annual Scholarship Fund
You can honor a specific loved one by setting up a scholarship in his or her name. Scholarship funds will be awarded to students annually based on your criteria.

Charitable Donation Models
Donation vehicles offered through BBC Foundation provide a way for you to provide for Clarks Summit University students as well as your family. Please, partner with us!

How can I partner?

Charitable Remainder Unitrust: A Tax-Smart Way to Earn and Give
A CRUT is a great way to create income for you or your family. There may be certain tax advantages, including the ability to claim a charitable tax deduction. It is an excellent option if you have a highly appreciated asset, such as a stock, second home or rental property you no longer wish to maintain. You receive income and gift the balance to Clarks Summit University after the trust terminates. It can also be set up to pay your family after your death.

Charitable Gift Annuity: Guarantee Income and Impact Ministry
A CGA is a great option if you want to increase your income, potentially decrease your taxes and give to students at Clarks Summit University. Payout amounts are guaranteed for life. The older you are, the higher the payout rate.

Deferred Gift Annuity: Add Flexibility to Your Gift Annuity
A DGA is the perfect option if you want to benefit for a potential tax deduction today, with the option of starting an income stream at a later date and allowing for a gift to ministry. Interest rates are higher because the payments are deferred for several years.

Memorial Contribution: Honor the Life of a Loved One
With a memorial, you can express your love and respect by making a contribution to Clarks Summit University in the name of a family member or a friend who has passed away. You can also request this be done for your own funeral.

Bequest: A Gift Your Family will Remember
A bequest is a gift left through a will or trust. Bequests can potentially reduce your estate taxes and are a great way to express your support for ministries you love. Clarks Summit University uses bequests to fund scholarships and campus projects that help students. Bequests can include the following:

  • A specific dollar amount
  • A specific asset
  • A percentage of the estate’s residual value

Beneficiary Designation: A Smart Way to Leave a Legacy
A beneficiary designation is used to give a gift at death through life insurance contracts, retirement plans, commercial annuities and savings bonds. Two gift options are as follows:

  • Name Clarks Summit University as a beneficiary
  • Name a Charitable Remainder Unitrust as a beneficiary. This option allows you to provide for your heirs for a pre-determined period after your death before the trust balance goes to Clarks Summit University. This potentially lets you “give it twice.”

*Statements regarding potential tax benefits should be reviewed in each individual situation with a qualified tax advisor.

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Please contact us at or call 570.585.9403.

We’d love to help you make a difference for Christ through the lives of our students.
Thank you for considering a generous gift to Clarks Summit University.



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