Speakers Bureau

    Speakers Bureau

    Need a speaker for your church or event?

    Clarks Summit University and Baptist Bible Seminary faculty and staff can help fill needs at your church or organization. They can serve as interim pastors, single-day speakers, or leaders of special events.

    If you have any questions or needs, please contact the Alumni office.

    Contact information:

    Paul Golden
    Executive Director of Alumni & Development

    Available Speakers

    If you are interested in having someone from Clarks Summit University come and speak at your church, school or function, please contact them directly.

    Dr. Lynelle Buchanan, Associate Professor and Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences

    Susan Cagley, Associate Professor; Social Studies Advisor

    • scagley@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.558.1770 (cell)
    • Expertise topics: education and history, women in church history
    • Other: musician

    Don Catlett, Human Resources Coordinator

    Paul Golden, Executive Director of Alumni & Development

    • pgolden@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.585.9202
    • Ordained: no, but licensed
    • Expertise topics: adoption/orphan care, missions, evangelistic messages, surviving the storms of life (Matthew 8)
    • Other: Chaplain for Pittsburgh Penguins’ AHL team; Chaplain for New York Yankees’ AAA team; www.paulgolden.org

    David Gunn, Associate Professor of Theology

    • dgunn@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.585.9279
    • Ordained: yes
    • Expertise topics: theology, apologetics, Biblical prophecy, Bible conferences

    Sherrie Holloway, Professor, Health and Human Performance; LYFE Women’s Conference Associate Director

    Joshua Littler, Adjunct Professor

    • jlittler@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 216.773.1488 (cell)
    • Ordained: yes
    • Expertise Topics: Bible exposition, cultural engagement (including Critical Race Theory), church history, student ministries, Christian literature

    Diane Lytle, Adjunct instructor; Faculty Development Specialist

    Dr. Jim Lytle, President

    • jlytle@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.585.9201
    • Ordained: yes
    • Expertise topics: Bible study, Bible exposition, church management, personal development, spiritual gifts, Psalms

    Dr. Keith Marlett, Professor of Counseling

    • kmarlett@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.585.9290 | 330.328.9271 (cell)
    • Ordained: Yes
    • Expertise Topics: The Role of the Pastor and the Church in the Ministry of Mental Health; Clergy Burnout & Renewal
    • Other: Licensed Professional Counselor (Ohio); Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Indiana)

    Dr. Don McCall, Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Church Revitalization

    • dmccall@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.585.9303 | 315.561.6489 (cell)
    • Ordained: Yes
    • Expertise Topics: Bible exposition and personal life, intentional interims, church consulting, church health, small groups, conferences-couples, marriage, and family camp speaker

    Dr. Mark McGinniss, Professor of O.T. Literature, Language and Exegesis (BBS); Journal of Ministry & Theology (JMAT) Editor

    • mmcginniss@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.585.9243
    • Ordained: yes
    • Expertise topics: suffering, marriage, couples’ retreats, sexuality, Bible conferences

    Mike Show, Director of Athletics

    • mshow@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.498.1480 (cell)
    • Expertise topics: leadership, coaching, teamwork and discipline, preach in churches, talk to sports teams and administrators of schools

    Dr. Wayne Slusser, Dean of Baptist Bible Seminary; Professor of New Testament (BBS)

    • wslusser@ClarksSummitU.edu
    • 570.585.9490
    • Ordained: no, but licensed
    • Expertise topics: discipleship from the Gospels, Bible exegesis and exposition, Bible conferences, church ministry and leadership, served as a co-pastor on a church plant team for 14 years




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