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Billing & Payment

Student Financial Accounts

CSU Information

Clarks Summit University contracts with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer a safe, secure and convenient way to make online payments on your student account whether directly from a savings or checking account, by credit card, international transfer or payment plan.

Click here to watch a quick demo to get started!

Find helpful information below on how to get started and who to contact if you’re having trouble. For more information on billing, payment and refund policies, read on.

Register For Student Account Center (SAC) Access

After registering for your first class, you will receive an email (only at your email account) from Clarks Summit University ( with the subject “Student Account Center Registration.” Click the registration link. Set up your password. Contact for any problems with email.

Set Up Other Users (Such As A Parent Or Spouse) In Your SAC

You may want to let another person view your account and make payments. Doing so authorizes Clarks Summit University to discuss your financial information with the other party. Clarks Summit University can only discuss educational matters (course scheduling, grades, etc.) with another party if you complete the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act release form, which will be emailed to you after classes begin.

Once you are registered for SAC access:

Log in at

In the upper right corner (next to your name), click “Manage Account Access.”

Click “Add.” Enter the required information. Click “Send.”

The other user will receive a registration email and must register.

View Your Bill

Your first bill will be available on SAC the first of the month following course registration. If you register for courses in the last week of the month, you may not have a bill until the following month. In this case, it is possible that your bill will not be available until after your class has already started. Clarks Summit University bills are only available online through the Student Account Center (SAC); no paper bills are issued. You will be able to print your bill if you wish to have a paper copy.

Once you are registered for SAC access:
  1. Log in at
  2. Enable pop-ups in your internet browser.
  3. Click “Statements” (the middle tab).
  4. Click the “Statement of Account” you wish to view.
  5. Click “View your Bill.”

Statements are available on the first of each month throughout the semester. Even if you paid your first bill in full, check your statement each month for any changes! Have a payment plan? Call us to adjust your plan balance; it will not update automatically and could lead to over-payments or late fees!

Payment Due Date

Monthly statements are available on the first of every month, and payment is due by the 15th. You must pay the bill in full or set up a monthly payment plan and make your first payment by this due date . If you wish to obtain a loan to help with your balance, please email or call 570.585.9212.

Payment Options

  1. One-time Payment (Payment in full for the semester) – Payment may be made by clicking the “One-Time Payment” option within the SAC. You may also mail a check, payable to Clarks Summit University, to: Business Office, Clarks Summit University, 538 Venard Road, Clarks Summit, PA 18411.
  2. Enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan – Use the “Enroll in a Payment Plan” tab within the SAC. There is a $50 per semester enrollment fee due at the time of enrollment. Payment plans are for three, four or five months, with final payment in November (for fall semester) or April (for spring semester). If you register for courses later in the semester (September or February), your only payment option will be to pay in full. There is no payment plan option for summer courses. PAYMENT PLAN TIP: Set up your payment plan under the user who will be making payments. No other user will be able to make payments against your plan balance.
    NEVER make a one-time payment in SAC while on a payment plan; it will not go against your plan balance, and you may get a late fee!
    ALWAYS mail payment plan checks to: Tuition Management Systems, PO Box 645113, Cincinnati, OH 45264-5113.
  3. Third-Party Sponsors – If someone other than you or an immediate family member is paying your bill (for example, an employer), email or call 570.585.9215 to avoid late fees.

Navigating The Student Account Center

Summary Tab – Here, you can find a summary of your current account information, set up a payment plan or make a one-time payment (pay in full).

  • Current Balance – Balance on your most recent statement of account
  • Existing Payment Plan – Balance on your payment plan
  • Recent Payments – Any one-time (non-payment plan) payments made since your most recent statement. This field resets to $0 after each new statement becomes available.
  • Amount Due – Your amount owed since your last statement was issued. If in parenthesis, you have a credit on your account. This amount is the balance on your most recent statement minus any one-time payments, minus the balance on your payment plan. If you have a payment plan, and the amount shown here is anything other than $0, you need to adjust your payment plan; not doing so may result in late fees or unnecessary automatic (ACH) payments.

Statements Tab – Here, you can view your bill (an itemized statement of account), enroll in a payment plan or make a one-time payment. Be sure to enable pop-ups in your browser to view your bill.

Payment Plan Tab – Here, you can enroll in a payment plan, view details on your existing plan, make changes to your plan, and make a payment.

Need Help?

Questions about email – Contact or call 570.585.9259

Questions about your bill – Contact Student Accounts at Patience Schwamb or call 570.585.9211

Having Technical Trouble With SAC?

8 a.m.–10 p.m. (ET)

Outside U.S. and Canada: