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Early Childhood Education A.A (on campus)

Early Childhood Education A.A (on campus)


Equip Young Learners

Take part in the wonder and discovery of children’s early educations. Learn how you can be a crucial influence in meeting their academic, cognitive and developmental needs. You will be equipped to teach from a biblical worldview and help young students grow.

Be mentored by caring professors
Find your fit in our community
Get involved and make a difference


Career Potential

Elementary Education Degree

You will be prepared to work with children in several different roles, such as:

      • Teacher’s aide or teaching assistant
      • Children’s Church Ministries Leader
      • YMCA After-school Program Coordinator
      • Nanny
      • International Tutor
Elementary Education Degree

“I love all the hands-on experience we get to better prepare us for future jobs…The classroom has prepared me with the knowledge and skills to be an effective elementary education teacher.”

Kara Bailey

Elementary Education Major | Cleveland, OH


What Will You Learn?

In all of the programs at CSU, you’ll be interacting with small class sizes and professors who really care and desire to mentor you. You’ll not only receive quality academics to prepare you for your career, but discipleship to prepare you for life.

Elementary Education Degree
Understand children’s developmental needs

Learn to teach through developmentally appropriate practices. Be prepared to work with children at various ages and stages of learning!

Effectively partner with parents

Learn to build healthy relationships with students’ parents. You will be able to work alongside them to help their children flourish.

Teach from a biblical worldview

Help students develop a healthy knowledge of their own identity, value for others and the importance of learning by teaching from a solid biblical perspective.


What You Will Study

Each of your courses will be taught from a biblical worldview, and you’ll learn with an intimate group of peers led by professors who care about your success.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted.
Course Descriptions can be found in the catalog.

First Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
  • CSU First Year Experience [CSU101] – 0 credits
  • Principles of Bible Study [BI100]
  • Bible Survey [BI111]
  • Field Experiences in Early Childhood Education I [EC103] – 1 credit
  • Early Childhood Education Theories and Practices [EC111]
  • Expository Writing [EN105]
  • Speech Communication [SP100]
  • Field Experiences in Early Childhood Education I [EC104] – 1 credit
  • Child, Family and Community [EC114]
  • General Psychology [PS100]
  • Child and Adolescent Development [PS204]
  • Building a Biblical Lifestyle [TH120]
  • Theology Survey [TH211]

This is an example of what your course schedule may look like; your actual schedule will be determined when you register.

Second Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
  • Field Experiences in Early Childhood Education II [EC203] – 1 credit
  • Cultural Diversity and Relationship Building [EC213]
  • Infants through Preschool: Curriculum and Teaching [EC215]
  • Psychology of Learning & Education [PS308]
  • Biblical Studies Elective 
  • Arts and Humanities in Early Childhood [EC112]
  • Field Experiences in Early Childhood Education II [EC204] – 1 credit
  • Teaching Movement, Health and Physical Education PreK-4 [EC316] – 1 credit
  • World Religions [EV220]
  • Living Well [HP101] – 1 credit
  • Theological Distinctives [TH308]
  • Math or Science Elective

This is an example of what your course schedule may look like; your actual schedule will be determined when you register.

Program Highlights
  • You will be prepared to serve as an aide for lead teachers and provide instructional support.
  • You will gain essential skills like methods, approaches and an understanding of early childhood development.
Help students thrive!

Gain the practical experience and academic foundation you need to teach young learners with excellence.

Meet our Faculty

You’ll learn from professors who care deeply about you and your goals.


CSU is Affordable

We believe every student should have the opportunity to choose a biblical higher education—regardless of their financial circumstance. That’s why we’re committed to keeping costs for students as low as possible.


Average Cost

Before federal and state grants

*Anticipated typical cost for first-time, full-time, residential undergraduate CSU students for 2024-25. This cost includes tuition, housing, meals, general fee and CSU scholarships. Your total cost can be even lower if you qualify for more aid, including federal and state grants which do not have to be paid back.

Information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Youth Ministry Degree
Online Degree at Clarks Summit Univerity


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  • Where you will grow in your relationship with Christ.
  • Where you truly find your fit.

Every class at CSU is carefully crafted to help you take your career and ministry to the next level. You will be immersed in principles from God’s Word as you learn practical tools and gain valuable training to apply to your career.


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