Business Administration B.S. (online)

Business Administration B.S. (online)

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Pursue Your Vision

The business world is a major global influence. You will gain exposure to the entire spectrum of business practices, learning in courses that cover everything from economics and accounting to marketing and personal finance. You will be prepared to manage complex situations from a biblical perspective. Online Business Administration Program.

Be mentored by caring professors
Find your fit in our community
Get involved and make a difference

Online Business Administration Program

Christian College in PA


Career Potential

Be prepared to make a difference in the business world in roles such as:

Online Business Administration
  • Business Administrator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial Officer
  • Company or Camp Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Pursue graduate study, such as an MBA
Online Business Administration
Marley Slay

Business Administration Major
Alabama and Paraguay, South America

“I can incorporate everything that I am learning in my classes into my job and ministry. My boss and I have sat down and looked at my work for the week and found ways to implement what I am learning at CSU, such as the way we look at project management, or beneficial ways we can change how we work as a team.”


What Will You Learn?

In all of the programs at CSU, you’ll be interacting with small class sizes and professors who really care and desire to mentor you. You’ll not only receive quality academics to prepare you for your career, but discipleship to prepare you for life. Elementary Education Degree.

Online Business Administration
Leadership in organizational administration

Develop your leadership and communication skills. You will learn how to thrive on engaging with people who see the world differently.

Biblical approach to business

Build on a biblical and ethical foundation for work in the marketplace. You will be prepared to lead with integrity to shine a light for Christ.

Practical knowledge of business fundamentals

You will gain hands-on experience in a business internship or capstone experience so that you can apply classroom concepts to real world situations.


What You Will Study

Each of your courses will be taught from a biblical worldview, and you’ll learn with an intimate group of peers led by professors who care about your success.

All courses are three credits unless noted. Course descriptions can be found in the catalog.

Bible and Theology Core
  • Business Law, Ethics and Theology [BA403]
  • Principles of Bible Study [BI100]
  • Bible Survey [BI111]
  • World Religions [EV220]
  • Building a Biblical Lifestyle [TH120]
  • Theology Survey [TH211]
  • Theological Distinctives [TH308]
  • Senior Seminar [TH480]
  • Biblical Studies Electives – 6 credits

This is an example of what your course list may look like. You and your advisor will choose your courses within your program to meet your goals.

Arts and Sciences Core
  • Academic and Researched Writing [EN121]
  • Writing Across the Disciplines [EN122]
  • Business Communication [EN313]
  • Living Well [HP101] – 1 credit
  • Introduction to Statistics [MA216]
  • Worldviews: Humanities and Science [PH206]
  • General Psychology [PS100]
  • Arts & Science Electives – 9 credits
  • History Core Elective
  • Humanities Elective

This is an example of what your course list may look like. You and your advisor will choose your courses within your program to meet your goals.

Business Core
  • Introduction to Business [BA102]
  • Economics [BA105]
  • Business Computer Skills 1: Information, People, and Technology [BA109]
  • Financial Accounting I [BA211]
  • Financial Accounting II [BA212]
  • Personal Finance [BA215]
  • Marketing [BA220]
  • Strategic Human Resources Management [BA225]
  • Management and Organization [BA301]
  • Business Internship [BA485] or Business Strategy Capstone [BA487]

This is an example of what your course list may look like. You and your advisor will choose your courses within your program to meet your goals.

  • Business Electives – 15 credits
  • Free Electives – 12 credits

This is an example of what your course list may look like. You and your advisor will choose your courses within your program to meet your goals.

Program Highlights
  • Easily transfer many of your previous collegiate studies.
  • Pursue your interests through flexible elective courses.
  • Earn your degree completely online!
Serve others as you lead!

Learn to turn your business goals into reality and make an impact, whether around the world or across town.

Online Business Administration Program

Christian College in PA


Your Priority: God's Word

While you prepare for your career you’ll also earn a double major in Biblical Studies. At CSU, you’ll experience personal mentorship with someone who cares deeply about you and your relationship with your Creator. You’ll be challenged to think through topics and questions through a biblical worldview. Your Bible courses will lay a foundation for whatever path God has for your life.

When you attend this Bible college, you’re getting more than just a degree—you’re getting the tools, support system and encouragement to follow Christ with your whole heart—long after graduation.


Starting Dates

Flexibility is key. Jump in and start reaching toward your goals at any time of year with our multiple start dates.













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Every class at CSU is carefully crafted to help you take your career and ministry to the next level. You will be immersed in principles from God’s Word as you learn practical tools and gain valuable training to apply to your career.

Online Business Administration Program

Christian College in PA


Worldwide Impact

For more than 80 years, CSU has prepared Christ-centered, career-ready graduates to serve around the globe in a variety of ministries and careers. You'll learn from trusted professors who have a heart for Christ and desire for discipleship. You'll join a community of CSU students who are passionate about using their talents to serve Christ.


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