Biology B.S. (on campus)

Biology B.S. (on campus)

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Discover God’s Design

Deepen your understanding of how the Bible and science intricately work together in our world. You will see how the world around us reveals God’s power, order and creative genius. Discover His design through powerful classes and laboratory experiences for a career in the life sciences.

Be mentored by caring professors
Find your fit in our community
Get involved and make a difference

Biology Degree

Biology Degree


Your Next Steps

You’ll be equipped with a broad foundation in the sciences that opens doors to a wide range of graduate studies in scientific and medical fields such as:

  • Research
  • Medical School
  • Veterinarian School
  • Physical Therapy School
  • Biotechnology
  • And more…
Biology Degree
Andrea Sanchez

Biology Major
Doylestown, PA

“The biology program is such a fascinating program. The professors teach us science with a biblical perspective, as well with a secular perspective, so that we can learn the differences. Mrs. Wright places so much time into her students, and she’s determined to help each and every single one of us. Being in this program has supported me in wanting to achieve my dream of going on to medical school to become a pediatrician.”


What Will You Learn?

In all of the programs at CSU, you’ll be interacting with small class sizes and professors who really care and desire to mentor you. You’ll not only receive quality academics to prepare you for your career, but discipleship to prepare you for life. Biology Degree.

Biology Program
Real laboratory skills

Learn to operate safely and professionally in a laboratory setting. You will study closely with professors as you gain hands-on experience in analyzing and interpreting data.

Scientific truths through a biblical worldview

Discover how biblical theology and science go hand in hand. You will be amazed by God’s handiwork as you gain the skills you need to impact the world for Christ through the world He created.

Foundational and advanced levels of life sciences

A wide array of courses such as biology, chemistry and physics give you the background to confidently enter numerous career fields within the scientific realm.

Gain hands-on experience as a teacher assistant

Mentor and assist students in the lab, test laboratory protocols for viability, calibrate lab equipment and maintain accurate lab inventory while being individually mentored by your professor for your next steps as a graduate student.


What You Will Study

Each of your courses will be taught from a biblical worldview, and you’ll learn with an intimate group of peers led by professors who care about your success.

All courses are three credits unless noted. Course descriptions can be found in the catalog.

First Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
  • First Year Experience [CSU101] – 0 credits
  • Bible Survey [BI111]
  • Academic and Researched Writing [EN121]
  • Pre-Calculus [MA112]
  • Biology I [SC203/207] – 4 credits
  • Physics I [SC223/223L] – 4 credits
  • Writing Across the Disciplines [EN122]
  • Calculus I [MA212]
  • Biology II [SC218/218L] – 4 credits
  • Physics II [SC224/224l] – 4 credits
  • Building a Biblical Lifestyle [TH120]

This is an example of what your course schedule may look like; your actual schedule will be determined when you register.

Second Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
  • Principles of Bible Study [BI100]
  • Calculus II [MA213]
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I [SC206/208; 4 cr]
  • Chemistry I [SC221/225] – 4 credits
  • Speech Communication [SP100}
  • Chemistry II [SC222/226] – 4 credits
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology II [SC261/261L] – 4 credits
  • Theology Survey [TH211]
  • Biblical Studies Elective

This is an example of what your course schedule may look like; your actual schedule will be determined when you register.

Third Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
  • World Religions [EV220]
  • Organic Chemistry I w/ Lab [SC310/310L] – 4 credits
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry [SC401]
  • Biblical Studies Elective
  • History Core Elective
  • Living Well [HP101] – 1 credit
  • Organic Chemistry II w/ Lab [SC312/312L] – 4 credits
  • Microbiology w/ Lab [SC313/313l] – 4 credits
  • Theological Distinctives [TH308]
  • Free Elective

This is an example of what your course schedule may look like; your actual schedule will be determined when you register.

Fourth Year
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
  • American Literature I [LI221C]
  • Worldviews: Humanities and Science [PH206]
  • Genetics [SC211]
  • Kinesiology [SC301] or Humanities Elective
  • Free Elective
  • General Psychology [PS100]
  • Marine Biology and Ecology [SC254] or Field Marine Biology and Ecology [SC255]
  • Senior Seminar [TH480]
  • Physiological Psychology [SC231] – 4 credits or Humanities Elective
  • Free Elective

This is an example of what your course schedule may look like; your actual schedule will be determined when you register.

Program Highlights
  • You can gain experience as a teacher assistant or lab assistant position that fits right into your program.
  • Build relationships as you learn closely with your professor in the lab setting.
Get out there to explore!

As a Biology major, you have the chance to go on an overseas field experience to study marine and terrestrial ecology up close. 


Your Priority: God's Word

While you prepare for your career you’ll also earn a double major in Biblical Studies. At CSU, you’ll experience personal mentorship with someone who cares deeply about you and your relationship with your Creator. You’ll be challenged to think through topics and questions through a biblical worldview. Your Bible courses will lay a foundation for whatever path God has for your life.

When you attend this Bible college, you’re getting more than just a degree—you’re getting the tools, support system and encouragement to follow Christ with your whole heart—long after graduation.


You want to
choose a college:

 Where you can get prepared for your future.
 Where you will grow in your relationship with Christ.
 Where you truly find your fit.

Students constantly say the top reason they love CSU so much is: Community. When you’re part of the CSU community, you attend class with professors who are mentors; you do life right alongside others who want to serve their Savior, and you are welcomed into lifelong friendships that last well beyond graduation.

Biology Degree

Biology Degree


Here's what our students actually pay: 

(Hint—it's way less than "sticker" price! Plus, our costs continually fall below our in-state, private school competitors' actual costs.)

A Christ-centered education is a wise investment. That's why we make biblical education as affordable as possible for students like you.

Scholarships are for Christian character, work ethic and academics. 99% of full-time, on-campus students get free financial aid(Based on incoming class of Fall 2021)



(not including loans)



Worldwide Impact

For more than 90 years, CSU has prepared Christ-centered, career-ready graduates to serve around the globe in a variety of ministries and careers. You'll learn from trusted professors who have a heart for Christ and desire for discipleship. You'll join a community of CSU students who are passionate about using their talents to serve Christ.

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Biology Degree


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