Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

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Prepare to Lead

Grow your marketing knowledge, business acumen and strategic mindset with your MBA from Clarks Summit University. Earn your degree in under one year for under $10,000—at CSU, your MBA is truly within reach.

Earn your MBA in as few as 10 months
Study entirely online
Only $9,450 total tuition
MBA at Clarks Summit University


The MBA taught through a biblical worldview

When you earn your MBA from CSU, your professional development is integrated with your faith. Not only will you be prepared to excel in your career; you’ll also be ready to truly make a difference as a follower of Christ.


Advance your career to the next level

You will learn from professors who have both executive-level leadership experience and a passion for serving Christ. You’ll be equipped to advance your career; plus, you’ll also get discipleship to prepare you for life.

Business Administration degree, MBA program
Benefit from a holistic degree

You’ll learn beyond theories as you dig into the critical moral, philosophical and spiritual values often overlooked in MBA programs. You’ll be prepared for a life of faith and leadership.

Sharpen your decision-making skills

Develop your skills in analysis and wise decision making as you are grounded in the principles of business reasoning and ethics. You’ll think through how to apply that analysis to a wide range of social and economic issues.

Earn your degree while progressing in your career

You’ll earn up to six credits in each eight-week online session. Study when and where it’s most convenient for you, and finish your degree in as few as 10 months. With the competitive tution, your MBA is as attainable as it is valuable.

Step up to your MBA

If you’re a Christian professional ready to advance your career in a variety of global business options, you want to learn from professors who are confident in their faith and who have years of professional experience. Whether you’re leading a business, non-profit organization or a local church, the skills you gain from an MBA at Clarks Summit University will translate into better effectiveness in whatever path God has for you.


What You Will Study

Each of your courses will be taught from a biblical worldview, and you’ll learn with an intimate group of peers led by professors who care about your success.

All courses are three credits unless noted. 

Fall Session 1 Courses

BA501 Today's Business Environment

This course incorporates learning experiences in contrasting economies and integrates opportunities to explore today’s marketing, human resources, accounting, financial management, project management and operations management trends. Managers must understand these functional areas and the relationships between them to competently lead their team within the organization. In addition, Students will be challenged to identify their God-given gifts and talents that can make an effective contribution to the Kingdom of Christ in the global marketplace. This foundational course in the MBA program provides this necessary context and sets the stage for students to delve deeper into these concepts throughout their program.

BA514 Leadership and Management of Organizations

This course gives students the opportunity to explore the subject of leadership through a value-focused, narrative approach, emphasizing the leader’s responsibility to provoke and manage change within organizations and individuals in a manner that captures the organizational benefits of diversity, transformational leadership, servant and authentic leadership, as well as other influential theories and approaches to contemporary business issues. Students will apply these ideas, theories, and strategies to analyses of case studies and to examples from their own professional lives and spiritual journey.

Fall Session 2 Courses

BA541 Strategic Human Resources and Talent Management

The course addresses the strategic and analytical roles of practitioners in the modern organization. Emphasizes human resources strategy, metrics and measurements of human resources, human resources information systems, and change management. Explores career paths in human resources.

BA550 Business Modeling and Research

This course will enable students to create quantitative models using spreadsheet applications, as supporting tools for decision-making. The course will follow the case study method, exposing students to business situations typically encountered by business managers. Students will learn how to select the applicable tool to address the situation described in every case, create the corresponding quantitative model. Students will write objective recommendations derived from the analysis, and present these in a simulated virtual boardroom meeting environment.

Spring Session 1 Courses

BA552 Organizational Innovation and Design

Understanding the theories behind organizations and organizational design is essential for any leader. This course provides an understanding of organizational innovation and structure as well as organizational lifecycle development and entrepreneurial and design thinking mindset. Students examine the role of the leader as an organizational architect evaluating both the social and technical systems of organizations.

BA554 Marketing Management in a Global Economy

This course focuses on the major decisions that marketing managers and top management face in their efforts to mesh the objectives, core competencies and resources of an organization with the opportunities and threats in an increasingly global marketplace. Students apply marketing thinking to products and services for any profit or not-for-profit organization.

Spring Session 2 Courses

BA556 Financial Management

This course overviews the processes of financial reporting, summation, and analysis. Students will learn how to prepare and interpret financial statements, evaluate an organization’s financial health, and forecast future financial decisions. The emphasis of this course will be on the managerial insights of financial accounting rather than day-to-day accounting practices. Students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage the financial aspects of their teams, departments, and organizations effectively and responsibly.

BA561 Financial Investment Management

An analysis and comparison of the various techniques that aid in the decision-making process. Major themes stressed include shareholder wealth maximization, cash flow management, the international aspects of financial management and the standards of ethical behavior adopted by managers and Certified Kingdom Advisors.

Summer Courses

BA570 Operations Management

A comprehensive analysis and comparison of the various techniques that can increase productivity for manufacturing and service operations. Provides an opportunity to assess the methods used in striving for long-term strength and growth in economic enterprises.

BA591 Strategic Management Seminar/Capstone

In this capstone seminar for the MBA program, students demonstrate their ability to integrate and apply theory to practice in case studies and experiential exercises that require the mastery of strategic thinking. NOTE: Must be completed in the last term, or with advisor’s approval may be completed in the next-to-last term of study if available.

MBA at Clarks Summit University


Unsurpassed Value


This estimated 2023 rate includes:

  • Tuition (30 credits at $333.17 per credit)
  • Textbook fees (approximately $500)
  • NO service fees
Degree with 30 credits
5 eight-week sessions
3 credits in each course

Master of Business Administration

Christian College in PA


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Master of Business Administration Degree, MBA program
Online Degree at Clarks Summit Univerity


You want an MBA from a university:

  • That helps you achieve your goals.
  • That cares about your relationship with Christ.
  • That gives you flexible and affordible options.

Every course in CSU’s MBA will help you take your career and faith to the next level. You will be immersed in principles from God’s Word as you learn practical tools and gain valuable training to apply to your career.


Worldwide Impact

For more than 90 years, CSU has prepared Christ-centered, career-ready graduates to serve around the globe in a variety of ministries and careers. You'll learn from trusted professors who have a heart for Christ and desire for discipleship. You'll join a community of CSU students who are passionate about using their talents to serve Christ.

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