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Open new doors in your career and deepen your ministry with an easily attainable and highly customizable master’s degree. When you earn your master of arts, you’ll earn an advanced degree that you will practically apply right away to specific areas that interest you most.

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Accessible and Customizable 

At just 30 credits, CSU’s online Master of Arts degree prepares you for careers and enhances your ministry as a Christian leader in as little as two years. Enjoy the flexibility of an online program grounded in the Word of God.

Select Your Concentration

You were designed by God with specific abilities and interests. At CSU, you can customize your studies to hone in on the areas that will help you reach your individual goals. Select a concentration and choose elective credits that will prepare you for your specific career and ministry ahead.

M.A. Concentrations offered through CSU graduate studies: 


The Bible concentration will give you both a broad overview and specific Bible study skill experience. You will study key theological doctrines and specific books of the Bible.

As a graduate, you will be able to study from the Bible with greater thoroughness and intensity, and you will be equipped to communicate it effectively to others.

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The Counseling concentration will equip you to provide wise, biblical counsel in a wide range of roles. You will better understand people, grow in your awareness of how God’s Word applies to life and help resolve human struggles.

As a graduate, you will be better equipped to counsel in a church or ministry setting.

If you have an interest in pursuing state licensure as a professional counselor, you should instead pursue CSU’s Master of Science in Counseling.

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Integrated Studies

The Integrated Studies concentration offers you both a broad overview of Bible study and the flexibility to choose electives that fit within your current career and ministry. You will enjoy the opportunity to craft your own program as you select what courses to study.

As a graduate, you will be able to study from the Bible with greater thoroughness and intensity, and you will be equipped to communicate effectively to others.

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Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership concentration will enhance your ability to bring leadership to an organizational team and bring that team to its goals.

As a graduate, you will be equipped to effectively lead within your organization. Your understanding of organizational dynamics will enable you to maintain a productive environment for team members.

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M.A. Concentrations offered through Baptist Bible Seminary: 

Bible, Language and Theology

Develop your understanding of Koine Greek, biblical Hebrew and theology as you prepare for your Ph.D. studies in this 48-credit concentration.

Learn more about the Bible, Language and Theology concentration.

Biblical Apologetics

Learn to understand, articulate, defend and contextualize the Christian faith in a credible and compassionate way. Formulate biblically correct and culturally sensitive evangelistic methods as you learn to understand Scripture and evaluate hermeneutical challenges and competing claims to truth.

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Biblical Languages

Immerse yourself in a full study of both Hebrew and Greek to reach your career and ministry goals. You
will benefit from a rigorous study of the biblical languages to prepare you for ministries including
communication, Bible translation and various publishing opportunities.

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Biblical Studies

Choose a highly customizable program packed with biblical electives that appeal to your interests. The Biblical Studies concentration delivers a program shaped by your pursuits, passions and goals.

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Church Planting & Renewal

Through theoretical and experiential learning, the Church Planting and Renewal concentration
prepares you for vocational church planting, both in your own culture and cross-culturally as a launch
pastor or team member.

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New Testament Studies

Learn to communicate the Gospels and Epistles in an accurate, meaningful and relevant way by
developing your exegetical skills through study of original biblical texts.

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Old Testament Studies

Specialize your studies in biblical Hebrew and various Old Testament books as you develop your
exegetical skills for accurate, meaningful and relevant communication of God’s first testament.

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Theological Studies

Engage in focused study on Christ, salvation and His church as you expand your theological
foundation and build your knowledge with electives that match your interests.

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Your Courses

Each of your courses is taught from a biblical worldview. You’ll interact within small class sizes and with professors who really care about you and your goals. You’ll not only receive quality academics to prepare you for the next steps in your career and ministry, but you’ll also get mentorship to prepare you for life. 

Select your concentration above to see expanded course offerings. 

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Customize your studies. Reach your goals. 

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Master of Arts in
Church Planting & Renewal

As I learned something, I was able to immediately apply it to the work I was doing! It was a great experience for me to be able to use the knowledge I was gaining through the master’s program and turn around and use it right away.


Program Highlights 

  • Reach your unique goals by choosing from many concentration areas and electives.
  • Complete the 30-credit degree in as little as two years.
  • Immediately apply what you’re learning to your current career and ministry.
  • Expand your career options with an attainable advanced degree.

Advance your knowledge through a biblical worldview. 

A biblical perspective is the foundation for every degree at CSU. You’ll learn from professors who are not only experts in their field, but who are also men and women who are passionate about serving their Savior and cultivating a biblical worldview.

Invest in Your Future

When you earn your master’s degree, you’ll open new doors in your career and ministry. CSU works hard to ensure you receive the best value in education with competitive tuition rates, many ways to qualify for discounts and individualized support.


complete your degree in as little as two years

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