Mission & Values



Founded in 1932 in Johnson City, New York, Clarks Summit University is an educational institution that embraces its Baptist convictions. With a commitment to biblical authority, Clarks Summit University serves undergraduate, graduate and seminary students by preparing them for lives of significant service for the cause of Jesus Christ in a variety of ministries and careers.

As a learning community dedicated to biblical higher education, Clarks Summit University strengthens the church of God and influences society by cultivating an environment that promotes academic excellence and Christlikeness. Students are challenged to pursue biblical truth and wisdom, to embrace a Christian worldview and to develop professional competence and relational skills.

Clarks Summit University aspires to be a community of individuals who love and serve God with all their heart, soul and mind, and who love their neighbor as themselves. We launch our graduates into the world as servants of God and as lifelong learners.


Biblical Truth: We value the Scriptures as truth, the highest authority for faith and practice, the center of true learning and the basis of our worldview.

Transformational Learning: We value the development of biblically based critical thinking, building wisdom that transforms worldview, character, behavior, relationships and ministry in conformity to Christ.

Spiritual Integration: We value the development of the whole person: the integration of faith and practice, mind and heart and learning and service.

Global Orientation: We value obedience to the Great Commission; therefore, we seek to serve Christ in a myriad of ways and locations.

Cultural Relevance: We value living wisely within the culture that surrounds us, establishing a redemptive presence and speaking the truth in love wherever God sends us.

Christian Leadership: We value the development of leadership skills as the natural outcome of transformational learning, so we may assist others in achieving their God-given potential.

Baptist Heritage: We value the local church, the pillar and foundation of truth, along with the rich spiritual legacy of our Baptist distinctives and history.

Pursuit of Excellence: We value continuous assessment that leads to God-honoring improvement, innovation and creative development.

Responsible Stewardship: We value the wise investment and management of the resources that God has entrusted to us, maximizing the benefit to those we serve.


CSU’s strategic plan has four top priorities that have been in effect since the summer of 2016:

  1. Develop a distinctive model of biblical higher education that is creative, rigorous and marketable.
  2. Recruit and retain a growing number of on-campus and online students.
  3. Implement an organizational structure that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the institution’s people, financial and system resources for sustainability and growth.
  4. Cultivate and strengthen loyal sustainable relationships with external stakeholders.

Please contact Allen Dreyer, Executive Director for Administrative Services, with questions or concerns.


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