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Every year, students are recognized for their diligent work and exemplary character at Clark Summit University. The Alpha Gamma Epsilon honor society includes students who have completed at least 57 credit hours with a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA. This award not only recognizes scholastic achievement; it also reflects the strong Christian character of a student. The Greek letters that make up the honor society’s name Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon represent love, knowledge and self-discipline. Students who show these qualities inside and outside the classroom are inducted into Alpha Gamma Epsilon.

This year, 36 new students received this award. 29 students who earned 4.0 cumulative GPA were also recognized for their exceptional achievement. They were gifted a traditional “4.0” mug. Vice President of Academics Dr. Bill Higley explains, “I just want all our students to know that it is a good thing to aspire to do well in class. It is a very good thing to get a 4.0; that is a testament to your hard work and taking your studies seriously in prioritizing that. The Alpha Gamma Epsilon is a long-term process for students who have been successful and worked hard in the classroom. We just want to honor that and hopefully inspire and motivate some others to do the same.”

The award ceremony recognizes students who have worked diligently and inspires future CSU students to work with perseverance for the glory of God. Students were inducted into the honor society and recognized for 4.0 achievements on Monday, November 14, 2022, in chapel. Higley presented the awards.

Alpha Gamma Epsilon Inductees

  • Samuel Alfaro
  • Toni Amato
  • William Bradley
  • Ryan Brooks
  • Hayley Bush
  • Olivia Campbell
  • Emily Chase
  • Patience Czelusniak
  • Joshua Daubert
  • Lydia Delong
  • Sawyer Deroche
  • LeAnn Dienner
  • Alivia Dreyer
  • Stephanie Eades
  • Samuel Ford
  • Nicholas Gombita
  • Paul Graves
  • Kathryn Hoyle
  • Jerusha Ilgenfritz
  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Emily Johnston
  • Rebecca Kaminski
  • Natasha Karp
  • Hannah Knight
  • Martin Lessmann
  • Davi Ort
  • Rachel Rinaldi
  • Dallas Seamans
  • Jack Slusser
  • Michael Spotts
  • Melanie Stabler
  • Luke Tice
  • Ashley Velasquez
  • Kevin Waldron
  • Kassandra Wilber
  • William Wintermute


4.0 Recipients

  • Isaac Austin
  • Laura Baloga
  • Leslie Canfield
  • Joshua Cheetham
  • Joshua Daubert
  • Stephanie Eades
  • Karis Fenton
  • Heidi Floyd
  • Jaylyn Fulkersin
  • Morgan Goehring
  • Paul Graves
  • Bethany Hogan
  • Kathryn Hoyle
  • Liam Hungate
  • Jerusha Ilgenfritz
  • Elizabeth Jansma
  • Noah Jones
  • Hosannah Kenney
  • Courtney Kmett
  • Hailey Kmett
  • Mikayla Kupe
  • Trinity Kupe
  • Harrison Michel
  • Miya Rivera
  • Dallas Seamans
  • Christopher Smith
  • Abigail Van Emmerick
  • Ashley Velasquez
  • Kevin Waldron

By Angelina (Cusumano) Kessler, CSU Communications-Writing Major

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