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Business students compete in global trading competition

UPDATE (11/2/2022): CSU’s “Trending Defenders 1” team earned fourth place of all competing undergraduate schools in the nation! At the end of the competition, CSU’s top team finished 4th among undergraduate teams in the U.S. and 14th in the entire contest, beating out both undergraduate- and graduate-level teams from top schools around the world. Congratulations to both investment teams on your hard work and excellent performance!

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Two teams from Clarks Summit University’s Business Department are participating in the month-long 2022 University Trading Challenge hosted by CME Group. CSU’s investment teams are competing with nearly 500 teams from more than 200 universities in 23 countries.

At the end of the second week of competition, CSU’s “Trending Defenders 1” team sat at first place of all competing undergraduate schools in the United States. They ranked third of all competing undergraduate schools in the world and 11th overall, including graduate schools.

“Trending Defenders 2” was ranked 65th among undergraduate teams and 103rd overall.

Nine of the ten students representing CSU are Business majors. Kelvin Chest, Cassia Hinkle, Jarod Hoskins, Samuel Knapp, Raymond Nguyen, Ella Simons, Naomi Sadowitz, Nate Tutton, Vincenzo Vaccarello and Brady Vereen each have prepared in different sectors—from energy and agriculture to automobiles and technologies.

“Simulations of this level are the cutting edge of learning,” says Dr. David Ober, Business Department chair and professor of the investment management course all competing students are taking. “CSU students have demonstrated their brilliance, success and endurance in this competition…They have proven they have the skills sets and entrepreneurial spirit to compete in the global market.”

He believes the teams’ success in the competition so far is especially notable, “during a chaotic time globally in which nuclear war is threatened, inflation is the highest since the 80s, and more children world-wide are facing starvation.”

Students take the assignment seriously, some getting up at 2:30 a.m. to be trading when markets open in different areas of the globe. Through the competition, which is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, CSU teams get direct access to the same advisors and consultants professional traders use. CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, gave the students access to their live stream from the strategy room of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

“Even though it’s not real money, it feels like it and acts like it,” Ober notes. “It completely mirrors what’s going on in real time today.” This authentic connection makes CSU’s teams keenly aware of today’s political, economic and global climate and how all of these things impact the market. Though risk-free, the hands-on simulation provides practical training as well as monetary rewards for the top teams.

Through the competition, students not only get practice trading in real-time markets, they’re also developing key career skills employers are looking for. Preparation, problem-solving, discernment and teamwork are all developed through this unique opportunity.

“I want them to see there’s no need to be afraid,” Ober explains the goals for his students in this high-level competition. “I want them to believe they can do it. I’m proud of these kids. They’re working very hard, and it’s exciting.”

This is the second time CSU teams competed in this global event. Through CSU, students are getting other real-world experience in investments. Business students traded real money in a Robinhood account. Starting with just $10, they bought ten shares. Within one month, some students more than doubled their investment. These real experiences and simulations give CSU students the experience, professional skills and confidence to succeed in a global market.

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