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BBS Welcomes David Gunn to Faculty 

Baptist Bible Seminary welcomes David Gunn as associate professor of theology. Gunn will teach master’s and doctoral level classes at the seminary, as well as undergrad classes at Clarks Summit University. His educational background, as well as his previous work and ministry service, has given him unique qualifications and expertise to teach at BBS.

Wayne Slusser, Ph.D., seminary dean, says, “We are very excited to have David Gunn come on the faculty. He brings a level of theological and practical expertise that will fit very well with the rest of the faculty, as well as equip the students for their current and future ministries for the Lord and His church.”

Educational and Professional Background

Gunn is a graduate of Shasta Bible College, Corban University School of Ministry and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy degree with a concentration in Systematic Theology from Baptist Bible Seminary. In addition, Gunn has taught as an adjunct instructor on topics such as Bible, theology and apologetics at both Shasta Bible College and Baptist Bible Seminary during the past 10 years.

Slusser describes Gunn as a professor who is “theologically sound, practically gifted for the local church, and communicates God’s Word both inside and outside the classroom.”

Prior to CSU, Gunn was director of Regular Baptist Press. He previously worked at RBP as the editorial director of publications from 2014-2017. Gunn’s role included high-level oversight of multiple departments, publishing projects, and other editing and writing projects. As director, Gunn also had oversight of RBP’s direction and several new product lines, and he formally represented RBP. He has also been a speaker across the nation on topics such as eschatology, cessationism, hermeneutics, apologetics, discipleship, dispensationalism and current events.

Slusser believes that Gunn is particularly qualified to teach at BBS, commenting, “He understands local church ministry…and the importance of equipping others towards their growth and understanding of God’s Word. Given his position at RBP, he understands the outside constituency and can continue to assist BBS in their collaboration with other churches and organizations.”

Theology: Answers to Questions that Matter 

While completing a one-year Bible diploma program at Shasta Bible College, Gunn discovered his passion: theology. “I found that studying theology resonated with me in a way that nothing else did,” Gunn recalls. “Seeing the unified, ‘big picture’ storyline of Scripture for the first time, and beginning to explore how that story answered every significant existential and metaphysical question that human beings had asked throughout their history, awoke within me a desire to study these things more in detail.” Gunn switched to the four-year Bible and Theology program and has “been studying theology ever since!”

Gunn is passionate about systematic theology because “it gives us sufficiently clear answers to all the questions that really matter.” He adds, “I believe that we live in a culture that promotes internal chaos and uncertainty. The values, norms, and answers that popular culture commends to us (materialism, pragmatism, relativism, etc.) are ultimately very hollow and unsatisfying. This leaves people desperate for something solid, enduring, dependable, and hope-instilling. I believe the Christian belief system provides that, and for me, studying and teaching systematic theology has been the very best way to cultivate it.”

In addition to personal theological studies and professional teaching opportunities, Gunn is also passionate about the local church—something he’s been involved with his entire adult life. This has included both vocational ministry and volunteer ministry, such as teaching, preaching, music and children’s ministry.

From Student to Faculty 

As he steps into his new role at Baptist Bible Seminary, Gunn will also be completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. Some of the things Gunn appreciates about his BBS education is how the seminary promotes the authority of Scripture and sound, grammatical-historical hermeneutics, the preeminence of Jesus Christ, facility with the original Biblical languages, and the centrality of the local church. “Those are all things that I believe are absolutely essential to a proper understanding of biblical Christianity!” he shares. “Furthermore, I’ve had the privilege of studying under some absolutely top-notch professors who view their roles not just as teachers but as disciple-makers.”

Gunn adds, “As a student at BBS, I’ve never felt like I was just a cog in a machine or an entry on someone’s spreadsheet; the members of the faculty, staff, and administration here truly and evidently care about their students.”

As Gunn prepares to transition to a full-time faculty member, he is looking forward to being a part of the CSU community in person. “I love the CSU student body, and I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the faculty, staff, and administration. So, the chance to live and serve alongside them in person is something I look forward to.” A few of the topics that Gunn is looking forward to teaching are Theological Method, Christology, and Escatology. He will also continue teaching apologetics courses for the Master of Arts program, specifically the Biblical Apologetics concentration.

He says, “My favorite work activity has always been teaching, and in particular, teaching theology. So I’m very much looking forward to spending a much greater portion of my time and energy doing that…I would hope that I can be as much of an encouragement and positive influence on my students as my professors have been on me over the years.”

Slusser believes that Gunn’s students will learn and appreciate many things from Gunn as they study under him. “His love for God’s Word—students will see this passion. They will come to appreciate God better through David’s ministry here at CSU. From this, students will grow personally and practically to serve others.” Slusser adds, “Simply put, David will use his skills inside and outside the classroom to teach, mentor and disciple students in their understanding of God’s Word.”

Gunn encourages others to consider studying at BBS. “We are theologically conservative without being overly culturally narrow. Our seminary programs and classes are rooted in the authority and sufficiency of God’s inspired Word. In my opinion, BBS promotes a healthy balance of academic rigor, practical ministry experience and personal spiritual growth. Our programs are offered in multiple flexible formats, but we haven’t sacrificed any of our doctrinal distinctive or academic standards to achieve that.”

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Haley Cleveland, Communications-Writing and Master of Arts graduate


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