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Lee Wigmore Leads CSU’s Criminal Justice Program

Clarks Summit University welcomes Lee Wigmore as chair of the Criminal Justice Department. The experienced veteran and law enforcement officer has a passion for service and helping those in crisis. His experience and God-given passion have prepared him to teach students how to navigate the criminal justice field as Christians with a biblical worldview.

Wigmore never planned on working in the criminal justice field. When he finished serving in the Marine Corps, God created an opening for him as a New York state trooper. A total of 67,000 people took the test; Wigmore earned the best score in the entire state. He served as a police officer for 27 years before retiring. He worked during major incidents in America’s history, including 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, which have given him a unique perspective as a professor.

As a Christian in criminal justice fields, Wigmore believes that loving others needs to be at the core of every action. “For too long, criminal justice has been a field that people have gotten into because they watch cops on TV,” Wigmore explains. “Really the missing aspect of law enforcement…is the fact that you have to love people.” Those who work in the criminal justice field must interact with humans in some of their worst moments. Wigmore is looking forward to helping his students at CSU model their service after Jesus and His way of loving others.

Wigmore points to the Bible passage where Jesus meets the woman at the well. Jesus sits down next to the woman and asks for a drink. He transcends cultural norms and social status by interacting with her. He isn’t ashamed to sit next to her and listen. Wigmore believes those who work in the criminal justice field need to do the same—start by loving people.

Wigmore is passionate about criminal justice. The field has given him the opportunity to meet people that most others don’t want to interact with.

“We have two great commandments on this planet, right? ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind’ and ‘love others as yourself,’” Wigmore says. “And one of the last commandments is to go out and make disciples of all nations. So what a better opportunity than to have contact with people that are hopeless and broken and lost and be able to share the love of Christ with them.” Wigmore finds it a joy to be able to help people through those moments.

In addition to his decades of criminal justice experience, Wigmore has an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and Counseling as well as a master’s degree in Biblical Exposition.

He looks forward to having the opportunity to impact the next generation and pass on what he has learned in his teaching role. Criminal justice is not an easy field to work in; Wigmore advises students who are interested in the field to ask themselves, “do I truly love people?” He encourages them to pray and follow where God leads them.

Learn more about CSU’s Criminal Justice major here.

Ainsley Hall, Communications-Writing graduate

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