President’s Letter

Nov 29, 2021 | Summit Magazine

Dear friend,

We want to make a difference. We want to matter. And most of all, we want to succeed. What does that mean, though? Our passions drive us, and our insecurities haunt us. It would be a tragedy to spend a lifetime climbing the ladder of success only to find that it was resting against the wrong wall.

Our graduates have gone on to the most prestigious graduate schools. Some have landed pretty impressive jobs. Others have held positions of influence over a long career. It would be as easy as it would be foolish for us to use the accomplishments of such alumni success as bragging rights for what a great school we are. 

Degrees and roles don’t make those grads amazing. In fact, they would be the first to tell you that those accomplishments don’t equal success. We try not to feature them as if that was their greatest accomplishment, for the simple reason that CSU grads define success as faithfulness—faithfulness to God’s Word while serving God’s Son. Neither a role nor financial compensation can define success. 

At CSU, we want our students to grow beyond the limitations of self. We teach them that God’s truth frees us. We want to ensure that our students know how God defines success. The path our alumni walk lights the way for today’s students to define success correctly.

From the beginning to the end of the Bible, God teaches us that the righteous live by faith. It characterizes the righteous, flowing in and out of all their choices. When they find out what God says, they find a way to put it into practice. You will meet some of them in this issue, which is dedicated to our students and graduates who are living faithfully every day, many times without accolades. That less-traveled path is the harder and less recognized path. Raising kids. Investing in marriages. Serving on the front lines. Staying at a lower paying job to truly invest in the people around them. Remaining faithful during hard times. Praying daily. Serving over years and decades. Sacrificing for others. Putting first the needs of those considered “lowly” in typical society. Whatever else life offers, they seek the accolades of Jesus Christ.

These are the hallmarks of those who are typically overlooked by human eyes. However, since our loving Creator values service to Him by serving others in ways both large and small, we are featuring their stories. I hope they inspire you and encourage you to be faithful today. At CSU, we value everyday faithfulness to the One who is constantly faithful.    

Serving with you,
James R. Lytle, D.Min.

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