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Alpha Gamma Epsilon and 4.0 Awards: Fall 2021

Every semester, Clarks Summit University acknowledges students who excel in their academic work. CSU celebrates students who earned a 4.0 grade point average the previous semester and students who are inducted into CSU’s honors society: Alpha Gamma Epsilon. In order to be inducted, students must complete 57 credit hours and have a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA. In addition, the CSU faculty must approve these students as they represent Jesus Christ and the university’s ideals and mission

Vice President of Academics Bill Higley states, “These students are prime examples of CSU’s mission: to be Christ-centered, and career-ready. Their commitment to personal integrity as recognized by their professors and their hard work in their academic studies is commendable.” CSU wants to congratulate all the students for their hard work and dedication!

27 students received a certificate during chapel on November 9 to recognize their achievement and induction into Alpha Gamma Epsilon:

  1. Priscilla Attilano
  2. Isaac Austin
  3. Laura Baloga
  4. Leslie Canfield
  5. Joshua Cheetham
  6. Angelina Cusumano
  7. Samantha Dancer
  8. Nicholas Faith
  9. Jaylyn Fulkersin
  10. Rachel Haines
  11. Krista Hayden
  12. Bethany Hogan
  13. Kaela Howell
  14. Emily Iliano
  15. Elizabeth Jansma
  16. Nathaniel Johnson
  17. Lillian Kettlewell
  18. Elise Lorow
  19. Isabell Martin
  20. Melodie McKee
  21. Katlyn McCleod
  22. Madison Melott
  23. Donovan Olney
  24. Madelaine Pegula
  25. Hunter Plantz
  26. Elizabeth Singleton
  27. Nathaniel Tutton

By Ainsley Hall, Communications-Writing major

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