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Homeschool to CSU to Published Author

How can women weave the beautiful truths of Scripture into their everyday lives? This is the question behind Haley Seboe Cleveland’s (’17, ’20) new devotional book about Titus, “Truth Adorned: Pursuing Life’s Deeper Purpose.” 

In this eight-week study, Cleveland leads readers through Paul’s message of biblical discipleship and spiritual growth. She says, “so many women’s devotionals and Bible studies focus only on a superficial, encouraging message, rather than teaching the sound doctrines of the Bible. The book of Titus teaches how to ‘adorn’ the sound doctrine in every area of life, and I wanted to help other women come to the same understanding!” 

Cleveland graduated from Clarks Summit University with her Bachelor of Arts in Communications-Writing. For her final project in her introduction to journalism class, she wrote a story on a Project Jerusalem church plant. This article was selected to be published in The Baptist Bulletin, a magazine of Regular Baptist Press. The connection helped Cleveland transition into an internship with Regular Baptist Press in Chicago. 

Throughout her time with RBP, Cleveland continued to hone her communications skills. She did so well in her internship that she was asked to consider writing her own devotional. In her college studies, Cleveland had found the message of Titus to be particularly convicting, so she chose this to be the subject of her devotional. As she wrote, Cleveland was also pursuing her Master of Arts degree from CSU’s Baptist Bible Seminary, which she graduated with in 2020, Magna Cum Laude.  

Cleveland’s time at CSU equipped her to communicate well and gave her the tools she needed on the path to publication. “My professors from the Communications program had well-prepared me for every step: from writing a proposal, to writing the copy, and in editing and reviewing editing suggestions. I am very thankful for their training!” 

Cleveland’s time at CSU and BBS were also instrumental in equipping her to be able to handle Scripture carefully in her writing. She says, “I am very humbled and thankful to have had this opportunity! Publishing a book is exciting, but sharing the sacred words of Scripture is a heavier and more sober responsibility. I pray that God will use my words to bring more attention to HIS Words in Scripture.” 

 You can find Cleveland’s devotional, Truth Adorned: Pursuing Life’s Deeper Purpose at RBPstore.org. 

By Taylor Stuck (’21) 

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