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A Heart for Ministry & Medicine

The daughter of immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico, Clarks Summit University sophomore, Andrea Sanchez, is the first in her family to go to college.

In 1998 Andrea Sanchez’ parents, Cristian and Maria arrived in the United States. The couple met in California and although both had Catholic backgrounds, Cristian came to know Christ as a child. As an adult, Maria too, discovered the truth in God’s Word and came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Sanchez family eventually moved east and settled in Doylestown, Pennsylvania where Cristian serves as a pastor at Iglesia de Dios Emanuel Church. They raised their two children to know God’s Word and love and serve others.

The Sanchez’ began the monumental task of choosing a school for their daughter Andrea. Deciding to pursue medicine, Andrea Sanchez looked for a school to attend for her undergraduate degree. Recommended to Clarks Summit University by a friend, Sanchez decided to visit.

“The moment I stepped on campus, I knew that I loved it,” Sanchez said. “During that first visit, I found that CSU was a place where I could not only learn and grow but be welcomed and feel like I’m at home.” 

Now a sophomore Biology major, Sanchez aspires to go on and work in pediatric medicine.

“I love making sure that people are feeling good. I want to make sure they are ok,” Sanchez said. “I also like finding solutions to help people. If someone tells me they have a stomachache, I immediately start thinking ‘What could take that stomachache away?’”

In CSU’s Thompson Hall, Sanchez has been nicknamed the dorm ‘doctor’. Her calm and caring demeanor, compassion and concern for others has blessed all who know her.

While at CSU, Sanchez has served on RiSE with keyboard and vocals. She has also been part of CSU’s worship team. When she isn’t serving others or participating in music on campus, Sanchez can be found in the biology lab.

Peggy Wright, Associate Professor at CSU said that Sanchez’ determination is exemplary.

“She works very hard. It is not an easy trek that she’s on. She is willing to put the work into it. She has a goal and she’s heading toward it, and she knows it’s not going to be easy. Her work ethic is rare in someone her age.”

Sanchez is a teacher’s assistant for Wright and serves on Student Leadership Council at CSU. Wright shared that Sanchez has a heart for ministry.

“Andrea comes from a family that is highly involved in ministry, therefore she is highly involved in ministry, and loves that part of her life,” Wright said. “She is wonderful with people and so patient. She has a desire to help others. If she is going to minister, work or serve, she wants to do well. She does the best that she can so that what she does will have an effect and benefit someone else.”

During her college search Sanchez looked at both secular and Christian schools. She wanted a good education, but it also became increasingly important to her that she have a biblical foundation and Christian influence for her undergraduate degree.

“The day we visited for the first time, my Dad told me that when he saw how my face lit up he knew, ‘She’s coming here,’” Sanchez said. “I fell in love with this school. The community and the relationships I get to build all guide me towards Christ. And that’s what I ultimately want.” 

God, who in His sovereignty brought her parents to America and called them to Himself, is guiding the next generation. As Andrea looks to the future, she continues to step out on unchartered waters, confident that the God who has called and led her this far, will be faithful to complete the work He began.

by Julie Jeffery Manwarren

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