CSU’s Alumni Community and Cuyahoga Valley Church

Apr 2, 2021 | Summit Magazine

By Taylor Stuck, Communications-Writing Major

Cuyahoga Valley Church was founded in Ohio by Pastor Rick Duncan after he and his wife started knocking on doors. CVC has continued this heart for outreach, and today approximately 1,7000 people attend each Sunday. Pastor Dan Anthony was the first CSU alumnus to work with the church; Pastor Rick Eimers  (’99) later joined as youth pastor. Now in his role as serve pastor, Eimers oversees CVC’s local, regional and global missions work, including church planting efforts.

Many CSU alumni have gained valuable experience at CVC through the internship program Eimers developed. CVC has worked with about 20 interns from CSU who share this same vision for evangelism. He says CVC continues to seek out CSU graduates because of the respect the alumni on staff have for CSU professor recommendations. Eimers says, “We’ve recruited interns from a number of schools, but whenever I think about CSU…after 20 years, I still have relationships with professors.”

CVC treats its interns as part of their church staff family and seeks to disciple them as they help them grow in their interests. “Care in community” is one of the church’s core values. From prayer to introspective homework to encouragement, Eimers says: “We just try to create an opportunity with the interns to just kind of grow in transparency with each other.”

Lisa Richardson (’20) is interning in the church’s Youth Ministry Wing. She works with Lauren Meyer (’16, ’19), director of youth discipleship and events, who is also a CSU alumna. Together, they plan events and work behind the scenes in ministry. Richardson has enjoyed developing measurable goals for growth that leaders can use with their students. Serving amid the pandemic, she says, “It been a fun process on how to figure out the best way to keep track of all of the students and care for each of them.”

Richardson enjoys beginning the day with team devotionals. She appreciates how this, “allows us to come together and reminds us of our reason for what we do, which is to share the gospel of Christ with our students.”

This focus remains for other CSU graduates who serve at CVS. Stacie Brandt (’17), global serve coordinator, also started as an intern. Kevin Lorow (’16) plans, prepares and leads worship as the worship arts assistant. Eimers says, “Holistically, there’s just a lot of quality, depth of character coming out of CSU…I can tell you confidently that…they’re discipled well.”

CSU Alumni at CVC

Rick Eimers (’99): Serve Pastor
Lauren Meyer (’16, ’19): Director of Youth Discipleship and Events
Kevin Lorow (’16): Worship Arts Assistant, Associate Director of Young Adult Discipleship and Events
Stacie Brandt (’17): Global Serve Coordinator
Lisa Richardson (’20): Intern

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