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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Chapel, 2021

On January 18, Clarks Summit University observed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Chapel. Paul Golden, executive director of alumni and development, believes it is important to celebrate the day as a school, so the student body understands and appreciates King’s impact on the history of America. Susan Cagley, associate professor of the Department of Art and Sciences, gave historical context and King’s biographical background. “While flawed by sin, each person has value,” Cagley states. “MLK junior specifically rose to the challenge of his time, following in the steps of the reformer for whom he was named. He cast a vision of judging people only by the content of their character and their actions, rather than by superficial qualities like skin color.” A video was shown of Jeremiah Dew, a speaker and entertainer, who recited key portions of King’s most memorable speech.

Dr. Jim Lytle, president of the university, believes the gospel is important to live out daily as a follower of Christ. He focuses on Ephesians 2:11-22 and wants the student body to learn and strengthen their faith. “While we ought to live those values every day, we pause to honor the work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” says Dr.Lytle. “He spent his life helping others understand the biblical truth that all of us have intrinsic value because God made us all. Dr. King’s insistent call to value others as God expects them to be valued and then treat them as God expects them to be treated, expressed so eloquently, provides a great example for us,” Lytle explains.

Sam Muckle, a CSU student and leader at Mission Scranton, announced an opportunity for the university to make a difference by providing clothing, food and tutoring services to the local ministry aimed at empowering inner-city kids and teens with hope in Jesus. Monetary donations to Mission Scranton will go toward a van to help transport students safely.

Students, staff and faculty also watched a video testimony of Dr. John and Earlene McNeal during chapel. John McNeal, an emeritus trustee of CSU, serves as founding pastor of Atlanta Bible Baptist Church, lifetime member and chaplain of Goodwill Industries of North Georgia and steering council member of the Baptist Fellowship Association.

Due to copyright, the entire chapel cannot be re-broadcast; however, please learn more through the following links:

-Tatyana Carmona, Communications-Writing major

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