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#CSUthankful: Kayla Markley

It can be difficult, in all the busyness of life, to stop and give thanks, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances. One of CSU’s online students who has been finding ways to do just this is Kayla Markley. Markley returned to CSU as an online student after several years, and is learning from her home in Marietta, Ohio.  She says, “I came back because of the Christ-centered learning CSU offers, along with the excellent education I am receiving and received the first time here.”

One of Markley’s favorite aspects of online learning at CSU is the interaction between professors and other students that push her forward in her learning. She says, “Online schooling at CSU is wonderful! I get to know my professors and they get to know me. I am most grateful for the education and curriculum, the Christlike professors and my peers, whom I learn tremendously from in our discussion forums.”

Markley is currently taking classes with the focus of broadening her knowledge of theology. She is thankful for God’s guidance in how she can use what she is learning to glorify Him by applying it to her service in youth ministry. Markley has also taken advantage of CSU’s career counseling, discovering her gift for writing. She says: “the amount of opportunities through CSU is mind boggling and truly a blessing!”

As she digs into Scripture in her studies, Markley is excited for the way that God is constantly working in her life and softening her heart. She says, “My heart remains grateful and my spirit gracious because of keeping them open to the only One who knows them. I am thankful for the Words of His He reveals so graciously to me and pray I use them to honor and glorify Him.”

Markley encourages others to dive into the Word of God during times when they are finding it difficult to be joyful and give thanks. She has been finding a reason to give thanks in her ability to maintain connections with her family members, even when she can’t be with them in-person. She says, God “will show you what to be thankful for, even if it be waking up for this day He created. If you are struggling with gratitude, ask, seek and you will find His answer. His love, teaching, and graciousness endure forever.”

As Markley is growing in giving thanks no matter the circumstance, one of the things that she remains grateful for is her ability to take online courses from CSU. “If it were not for CSU’s online program, I could not attend this school of excellency. I am forever grateful for the online curriculum offered here.”


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