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Our Responsibility to Study Scripture

Published February 27, 2020

God has given us Scripture that we may know Him and serve Him. As believers, we have a privilege and responsibility to not only know God, but to love and serve others through the truth of the gospel. In this response to knowing and serving him, we worship him. This is ministry. 

You may be involved in vocational ministry, or you may want to take steps toward that path. God has given you the opportunity to build up His Church. The responsibility of teaching or preaching—knowing that the texts you speak are the very Words of God to humanity—is weighty. “We must get the message of the text right for our audience. They are counting on us,” says Dr. Mark McGinniss, professor of Old Testament Languages, Literature & Exegesis at Baptist Bible Seminary. “We are not using hand grenades (i.e. all you need to do is get close to your target); but a laser! God has made us their pastors or teachers, and we are required to get it right—not close, but right (James 3:1),” The study of the great narrative of Scripture is not to be handled lightly.  

Your understanding of God’s Word not only impacts God’s church, but also your personal life. By studying biblical concepts and issues related to interpretation and application, you will be faced with questions that will challenge you to examine the Word of God so you will have an answer to those who challenge truth. 

“One of the privileges of being a pastor, teacher or missionary is to serve and love people by teaching them God’s Word. But, it’s more than a privilege. It is also a responsibility that will ultimately impact the growth of the hearers toward godliness,” emphasizes Dr. Wayne Slusser, Seminary Dean.

There is a need for pastors, teachers and missionaries to be servants who are “rightly handling the word of truth,” (2 Timothy 2:25). That is exactly why a Biblical Exposition concentration has recently been designed for the BBS Doctor of Ministry. The web-enhanced format combines on-campus modules with the primarily online study, making it a viable option for busy ministry professionals. This is a calling that centers on the great commission to reach the world with the good news of Christ, to make disciples!

Learn more about earning your Doctor of Ministry in Bible Exposition by requesting information at 

By Joanna Wyman

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