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Meet Haley Seboe: A Christ-Centered, Career-Ready Graduate

Published May 10, 2018 in News

At Clarks Summit University’s Commencement this Saturday, the audience will hear Haley Seboe share her testimony as a representative of the graduating class.

Meet Haley

The Communications-Writing major began as a dual-enrolled high school student and went on to take advantage of many leadership, employment and ministry opportunities as an on-campus student. “What drew me to CSU was the financial aid and the high quality education. What helped me stay is the relationships, mentoring and discipleship I discovered in faculty and staff,” the Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, resident explains.

Seboe wrapped up her undergraduate experience with an internship in the editorial department at Regular Baptist Press outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Road to Chicago

For her final project in the introduction to journalism class, Seboe wrote a story about a Project Jerusalem church plant, which was selected for publication in The Baptist Bulletin, a bi-monthly magazine of Regular Baptist Press, the publishing ministry of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. Fast forward one year as Seboe’s connection led to an internship with RBP, where she proofread books before they were printed, edited a variety of materials and wrote articles while learning from professionals passionate about ministry.

On the Job

“There are so many ways my CSU experience prepared me for this internship,” she admits. “I encountered several situations when, because of a specific class assignment or something a professor had said, I was able to complete a task that I ordinarily wouldn’t have. My professors were up to date with current writing and communication trends. They gave me the tools, taught me how to use them, and prepared me well for the professional field.”

RBP Director David Gunn was Seboe’s supervisor, who describes working with her as a delight. “The ability to excel in an editorial field requires not just technical expertise and writing ability, but also a whole host of soft skills (such as multitasking, work ethic, time management, interpersonal skills and creativity). Many recent college graduates tend to lack these soft skills, but Haley has them in spades! It is evident to me that her studies at CSU left her remarkably well prepared to face the rigorous demands of today’s workforce.”

Since Seboe’s ultimate goal is to go to the mission field, she loved connecting with experts at RBP who share her passion for spreading the love of Christ. “Within RBP, I’ve met professionals with valuable experience who have answered my questions and taught me much.” She cites this as the most valuable aspect of her internship.


During her undergraduate experience, Seboe grew that passion for ministry. She served in multiple leadership roles in the Student Missions Fellowship. “Because SMF is student-led, it was a unique opportunity for me to grow,” she says, “Missions is something I am very passionate about, and I was able to hone that to mobilize other students to step up and serve in our community.”

An encouraging spiritual leader on campus, Seboe also valued her experience as a resident assistant in Carter Hall, through which she was able to disciple others and lead devotions, admitting, “I could not do it without my resident director, Michelle Hammaker, guiding me the whole time. She saw potential in me and helped me step up, be intentional and become a leader.”

Seizing Opportunities

Seboe also worked in the cafeteria, Underground Café, Marketing Department and Summer Crew. “I learned about working with a team of diverse people to get a job done. I learned how even ‘small’ things like clearing plates can be done to God’s glory. I learned people skills, servanthood and a professional and ministering attitude. Doing a job well means going beyond.”

Haley will step into a new role as CSU admissions counselor after Commencement, and she encourages new students to get involved as she did— in a local church and on campus.

“I am not the same person I was when I stepped foot on campus as a freshman, and I’m so glad! I was pushed out of my comfort zone so many times, but I needed that. God used and grew me. I had so many opportunities to grow in leadership positions, ministry, service, academics and more. Those on-campus experiences opened up doors for the same kind of opportunities after graduation.”

Seboe concludes, “I feel very prepared, not only for a writing job, but also for ministry. I have a solid foundation to build on, and my professors taught me the importance of teachability and humility, so I can continue to grow in the next steps God has for me.”

Discover more about how you can become a Christ-centered, career-ready graduate of CSU.

-Erika A. Bruckner is a 2004 Communications-Writing graduate from Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Darrell Goematt, Regular Baptist Press

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