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Week of Prayer

Slowing Down to Feed our Souls

Published February 20, 2018 in News

Students at Clarks Summit University had an opportunity to put a special focus on prayer in chapel hour during the week of February 12–16. Three-time alumnus Dr. Paul McGuinness delivered an encouraging chapel on Tuesday, and other events and discussions were held throughout the week to emphasize prayer.

Martha or Mary?

While the busyness of classes swirled around them, students were encouraged to see the gift of prayer in their lives. Week of Prayer provided them a little change of pace and focused on quiet worship times, dedicated prayer and encouragement for the spiritual disciplines. Drew Bundy, student body president, says, “Chapel hour prayer time allows for a respite from the daily grind, and praying together is often a refreshing gift from the Lord.” In addition, worship was led by RiSE, the university’s traveling student worship team.

Concentrated times of silence and prayer were scheduled during the remaining week’s chapel hours. These repeated times for prayer demonstrate the importance of regular prayer in the lives of the students both privately and corporately. In addition, praying together develops godly relationships and provides discipleship opportunities. Elizabeth Abbott, a sophomore in the Communications program said, “Praying with others at Student Mission Fellowship and during chapel hour was encouraging because it is good to pray out loud and come to God with other people.”

Walk and Whisper

McGuinness encouraged the students to turn the volume down on some of the voices in their lives so that they could better hear the voice of God. Minimizing distractions, setting a time and place and slowing down to hear God’s voice are all a part of prayer and worship. McGuinness reminded them, “God doesn’t sprint and shout. He walks and whispers.” He encouraged students and other believers to follow God’s pace, and that means slowing down and quieting down. To hear more of Paul’s encouragement, you can find his sermon on Facebook.


Julie Wilson, Communications-Writing major from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

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