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Join us for Chapel this Semester

Published February 6, 2018 in News

Every weekday, Clarks Summit University students gather for an integral part of student life. Mid-morning chapel allows students to sit under the teaching of a wide variety of people who are passionate about sharing the truths of God’s Word.

Paul Golden, executive director for the Office of the President, helps make chapel an enriching element of CSU student life by bringing in a dynamic mix of quality speakers. Favorite CSU professors grace the stage alongside alumni and nationally known presenters.

Everyone is Invited!

Alumni and guests are always welcome to join us on campus for chapel. However, with more than 13,000 alumni across the globe, CSU is extending the invitation to chapel—digitally. During the spring semester, CSU will continue to make main-stage chapels available to the public via Facebook live stream at 10:05 a.m.

“I am always amazed by how many alumni tune in from all over the U.S. and around the world,” says Golden. “In November I was in the Dominican Republic on a missions trip and was able to watch Dr. Steve Viars’ preach in CSU chapel.” He also notes the stream is a great way for parents to hear what their sons and daughters are learning while at CSU. Check the page for updates and to watch previously recorded chapel messages.

Global Ministry Conference 2018

GMC 2018 will focus on Paradox and Paradigms: Knocking Down the Barriers for Sharing Christ to the World. In short segments during the week of February 5–9, speakers will share about the topic. Presenters are CSU professor Dr. Darryl Meekins, CSU president Dr. Jim Lytleand CSU alumni Dr. Paul McGuinnessand Dan Nichols. Workshops and connections outside of chapel hour will reinforce and expand the concept for students.

Main-Stage Chapels

Special guest speakers are the backbone of chapel messages, giving students exposure to assorted professionals and personalities who represent different facets of service for Christ. Themed weeks center on relevant topics such as prayer, career preparation and global ministries. Interview-style presentations, led by the Student Leadership Council, bring a conversational element to communicate powerful messages. A mini-concert will be presented by Robert and Joyce Hayes as they share about America’s Keswick, a Christian retreat center and addiction recovery provider (April 3).

Spring Semester Speakers

Upcoming speakers include Anita Keagy, founder of JoyShop Ministries(March 20); Bill Brittain, a Clarks Summit native and executive director of Baptist Children’s Home(April 4); and Willie Alfonso, chaplain for the Hispanic players of the New York Yankees(May 1). Golden loves giving students the opportunity to meet professionals like these to help them discover how many unique service and career opportunities exist.

But it’s people who are familiar with CSU’s campus who hold a special place for Golden. “I love seeing our alumni return to speak,” he admits. “Seeing them get emotional about their CSU experience and how it has shaped them into who they are and what they do is incredible.”

Defenders returning to their alma mater as upcoming speakers include Dan Occhiogrosso, who will share about his public school ministry(April 5), and Laura (Howell) Sommons, who will share victory over her personal struggle with eating disorders and her ministry Lavishly Loved(February 27).

One unique series brings a multi-generational perspective. CSU professor Dwight Peterson’smessage (April 11) will be bookended with messages from his father Bruce Peterson, a retired businessman and Board Member for Word of Life (April 10), and his son Luke Peterson, a Baptist Bible Seminary student (April 12). “I think the three generations of Petersons will be an encouragement to our students,” summarizes Golden.

Current Pastoral Ministry majorswill have the opportunity to put classroom skills into practice as they teach their peers during Student Preacher week, April 17–19.

Relational Discipleship Chapels

Students also enjoy more relational and interactive chapel sessions, including devotional times within their respective residence halls. Community groups, which pair groups of students with a leader from the staff or faculty to create natural mentorship opportunities, also meet during regular chapel sessions.

See the full list of upcoming chapel speakers on the events calendar.

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